Monthly Archives: April 1998

Fenfluramine damage to the brain and mind

RECENT FDA DECISION HIGHLIGHTS ETHICAL ISSUES IN DRUG RESEARCH ON CHILDREN by Peter R. Breggin, M.D. April 21, 1998 The FDA has put the interests of drug companies and the psychiatric research establishment ahead of those of America’s children. It is time for the public and concerned professionals to take a stand against unethical pharmacological […]

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Psychotherapy in emotional crises without resort to psychiatric medication (1998)

Breggin, PR (1997). Psychotherapy in Emotional Crises without Resort to Psychiatric Medications. The Humanistic Psychologist 25(1), 2-14. ABSTRACT: Mental health professionals are being pressured to rely upon the medical model, including psychiatric diagnosis and medication. But there are many reasons not to tum to psychiatric drugs in emotional crises, including their impact on the brain […]

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