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TBI, PTSD, and Psychiatric Drugs: A Perfect Storm for Aberrant States (2014)

“TBI, PTSD, and psychiatric drugs. A perfect storm for causing abnormal mental states and aberrant behavior.” In Brock, H. and Else, R.C. (Eds). The Attorney’s Guide to Defending Veterans in Criminal Court. Minneapolis, MN: Veterans Defense Project. Chapter 10, pp. 251-264, 2014. Peter R. Breggin, MD Recent years have seen a marked increase in the […]

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M. N. G. (Graham) Dukes, MD Quote

“And then it is that many a conscientious attorney has succeeded in calling Peter Breggin to his aid. I do not know how many shadowy invitations Dr. Breggin has set aside, but I do know that he has accepted to assist only in those instances where he had good reason to believe that he could […]

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