Dr. Peter Breggin

Alert 19: Antidepressants Do Kill People

Two new 2017 research studies confirm that antidepressants shorten lives and make them worse.   Maslej et al. found that antidepressants “increased mortality risk by 33%” and increased cardiovascular events by 14%, in the general population.  Our findings provide corroborative evidence that cardiovascular status moderates the health risks associated with AD [antidepressant] use. In general populations, […]

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Alert 18 : Las Vegas Shooter on Valium!

Stephen Paddock, the worst mass murderer in US history, was prescribed benzodiazepines in the form of fifty 10-milligram diazepam (Valium) tablets on June 21, according to records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). I have also received an unconfirmed report that he was prescribed antidepressants, which are commonly given along with benzos.  Unlike Valium, […]

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Alert 17 : How Adult Society Betrayed Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy

 The final installment of the Michelle Carter story shows how an innocent, caring 17-year-old, convicted of manslaughter by words, was systematically victimized by the District Attorney’s Office of Bristol Massachusetts.   The DA crushed the life of a girl who was already impaired by emotional problems, antidepressant drugs, and an abusive relationship with her alleged victim, […]

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Alert 12 : Michelle Carter: Did She Text Her Boyfriend to Death?

Seen from the viewpoint of her medical expert, Dr. Peter Breggin, this is the second in the series on Mad in America about the young woman convicted of murder-by-texting. Michelle had encouraged her boyfriend Conrad’s suicide when she was 17 and he was 18. Dr. Breggin takes a deeper look into the relationship between Michelle and Conrad as it deteriorated into a frightening downward spiral.

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Alert 11: Michelle Carter: The Story of the Girl Who Supposedly Told Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself

I was Michelle’s psychiatric expert. Following the judge’s decision to convict Michelle of manslaughter with words, he sentenced her today. And today, with the judge’s sentencing, I begin my series of reports on Mad in America about this tragic story. The case and its outcome have grossly harmed Michelle and those who love her; and millions […]

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