Psychiatry, racism, coercion and social control
The War Against Children of Color by Peter and Ginger Breggin deals extensively with the larger subject of psychiatric oppression, including racism and the role of psychiatry in the holocaust.
Dr. and Mrs. Breggin detail their findings in The War Against Children of Color,
the definitive work exposing how mental health agencies and the government are using invalid science for social control rather than addressing the decline of families, schools and communities or the escalation of racism and poverty.
Under special topics, the section on Racism and Social Control contains a detailed description of Dr. & Mrs. Breggin's efforts to stop racist programs in psychiatry.

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file icon The three dynamics of human progress 05/15/1970
file icon Psychosurgery for political purposes 05/15/2006
file icon Psychiatry's role in the holocaust 05/15/2005
file icon Psychiatry's reliance on coercion 05/15/2005
file icon Iatrogenic helplessness in authoritarian therapy 05/15/2005
file icon Coercion of voluntary patients in an open hospital 05/15/1964
"Coercion of Voluntary Patients in an Open Hospital." Archives of General Psychiatry 10:173-181, 1964. Reprinted with a new introduction in Edwards, R.B. (ed): Psychiatry and Ethics. Prometheus Books, 1982, and in Edwards, R.B. (ed): Ethics and Psychiatry. Amherst, New York, Prometheus Books, 1997.
file icon Campaigns against racist federal programs by the ICSPP 05/23/2008
file icon BOOK REVIEW - The Imprinters: Surviving the Unlived Life of Our Parents, by Eileen Walkenstein 12/16/2010
Breggin, P.R. BOOK REVIEW. Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, 12, 3, 2010.
file icon A biomedical programme for urban violence control in the U.S. 05/15/2007



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