Monthly Archives: April 2021

CT: Dangerous on Either Side of the Pond

No one has precise data about how many Americans receive ECT each year, let alone how many treatments each patients receives or how closely providers space treatments. This is a troubling dilemma, according to the authors.

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Frequent Alert 199: Important Virtual Conference

Our friend Patrick Coffin is sponsoring an upcoming online summit titled: Truth over Fear: COVID-19 and the Great Reset. This is an exciting two day virtual event providing perspectives from over two dozen leaders offering truth and hope in this turbulent time, from early treatment options for COVID-19 to ending lockdowns […]

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Moving past the vaccine/autism controversy to examine potential vaccine neurological harms The vaccine/autism controversy has caused vast scientific and public confusion, and it has set back research and education into genuine vaccine-induced neurological disorders. The great strawman of autism has been so emphasized by the vaccine industry that it, and it alone, often appears in authoritative discussions of adverse effects […]

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