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America Out Loud PULSE thumbnail China-meddling-in-America

China’s Influence Over America’s Elections with Lt. General Thomas McInerney - America Out Loud PULSE

Jan 08, 2023 |

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin – General McInerney explains how Hammer and Scorecard originated in the U.S. and then was sold to the CCP, enabling the Communists to shift votes to Biden and Progressives in 2020 and 2022. He puts these revelations...

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thumbnail of stars for healthcare freedom article on America Out Loud

Is There a Health Freedom Movement?

Jan 03, 2023 |

Freedom, independence, individualism, confidence, self-respect, cherishing of life, knowledge, and our codes of conduct and established laws professionals and citizens have sworn to ⏤ from the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code of Conduct, the Helsinki Declaration, and...

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Dr Breggin and Charles Kovess

You Can Triumph in This Time of Treachery: Here’s how!

Jan 01, 2023 |

An amazing, beautiful, and funny interview with an amazing, beautiful and funny Australian man, Charles Kovess who retired from the law to devote himself to political freedom and personal empowerment as a coach and speaker. This great hour fulfills its two goal , as...

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Thumbnail from America Out Loud Article with Daily News Global Pandemic newspaper and image depicting a virus

The Worst Manmade Global Catastrophe Ever Inflicted on Humanity - America Out Loud PULSE

Dec 31, 2022 |

America Out Loud PULSE with Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin – One of our most important interviews ever. Heroic James Thorp MD warns about the size of the threat, and its details, caused by the COVID-19 experimental jabs. The global experiment is bringing forth tragedies of...

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Dr Breggin and Dr Vliet

A Great Medical Freedom Fighter Takes Us to the Frontlines

Dec 27, 2022 |

Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is the founder and chief executive officer of the Truth for Health Foundation, a premier organization on the frontlines of the health freedom movement. Her organization supports research in COVID-19 and legal cases in many areas. Dr. Vliet 's...

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EctoLife thumbnail from America Out Loud Article

Remember the Miracles

Dec 24, 2022 |

EctoLife, the company conceived by Hashem Al-Ghaili, is conceived as being able to grow 30,000 babies per year and is prepared to serve those infertile couples who cannot conceive the old-fashioned way. And this brings me back to Christmas, and thoughts of a young woman...

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Dr Breggin and  Tommy Carrigan

Peter Breggin MD in a touching year-end interview: Act with Love - It’ll Work Out.

Dec 23, 2022 |

Peter Breggin, MD is interviewed by Tommy Carrigan in a touching, year end podcast. “Act With Love—It’ll Work Out.”

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Dr Breggin and Sherry Strong of Childrens Health Defense Canada

The Weaponization of Psychiatry Interview by Children's Health Defense Canada

Dec 18, 2022 |

Psychiatry has been the enforcer of choice used by strong-arm governments for as long as it has existed. After all, psychiatry is the perfect cover to make targeted individuals do what government wants. If psychiatry is targeting a person it can be considered a private...

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Thumbnail from America Out Loud Pulse post with military personnel getting award

Making Courage More Contagious Than Fear - America Out Loud PULSE

Dec 17, 2022 |

The Breggins interviewed Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, MD, a man who combines courage, intelligence, and determination in a most astonishing fashion. As a board-certified Family Medicine physician and a Major in the US Army, he is going up against two of the greatest power...

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America Out Loud article thumbnail of a china painted brain and a USA painted brain

Two Global Empires Enslaving the World; It’s Now Or Never to Stop Them!

Dec 16, 2022 |

Like helpless creatures caught in an enormous vise, the life being squeezed out of them, people living in once-free constitutional democracies are being squeezed and crushed from two sides. Pressing on them from the one side is the Eastern Global Empire led by the Chinese...

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