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The Future of the Vaccine War Against Humanity Revealed

Jun 23, 2021 |

A new report in Science led by Ralph Baric’s team from the University of North Carolina defines the tragic future for humanity through the endless vaccine assault. Baric is the leading “gain-of-function” researcher in America and a collaborator and instructor for the...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Patrick Coffin

Frequent Alert 214--Censorship and Lockdowns and What America Needs

Jun 17, 2021 |

Patrick Coffin is a man profoundly engaged in saving America. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and absolutely inspired and inspiring. If you want to feel in your heart the struggle we Americans are now facing on behalf of ourselves and humanity—listen to this show...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Dr Paul Alexander

Frequent Alert 212--Why Was the U.S. Blind for Weeks at the Start of the Pandemic?

Jun 03, 2021 |

Dr. Paul Alexander has his PhD in Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact. He is a regular contributor to American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) and a brilliant analyst of the COVID-19 Pandemic and fallout from the resulting lockdowns. Here he talks with Dr...

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Image of Tom Renz

Frequent Alert 211--Attorney Tom Renz on Temporary Restraining Order filed against the Federal Government Inbox

Jun 01, 2021 |

Attorney Tom Renz describes his extraordinary, Earth-shaking, history-making legal case against federal government’s outrageous imposition on medical practice in America. I guarantee you that you will hear new information and new ideas, and hat you will admire this man’s...

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Akst (2015) The Scientist: objecting to coronavirus gain of function

May 30, 2021 |


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Image of Dr Breggin and Dr McCullough

Frequent Alert 208-- Dr. Peter McCullough MD MPH

May 11, 2021 |

Courageous Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH Professor of Cardiology, esteemed researcher, journal editor, and treating COVID-19 frontline physician has written the top scientific reports on early treatment of COVID-19 and testified before the US Senate. He regularly...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Brig. Gen. Rob Spalding

Frequent Alert 205-- Brig. Gen. Rob Spalding

May 07, 2021 |

Dr. Rob Spalding, Brig Gen USAF (ret) possesses enormous inside information on every aspect of Chinese influence over our economy and society, including our educational and political institutions. His book, Stealth War: How China took over while America’s elites slept...

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Frequent Alert 206-- Upcoming Truth over Fear Summit Receiving Huge Interest!

Apr 27, 2021 |

The Truth Over Fear Summit on COVID-19 and the Gre...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Dr Zelenko

Frequent Alert 204-- Dr. Zev Zelenko: Recovering from COVID-19

Apr 23, 2021 |

Dr. Zelenko is my hero of COVID-19. He was the first to focus on how to successfully treat COVID-19 in its early stages and set the stand for both prevention and treatment...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Dr Vliet

Frequent Alert 203-- Your Hormones: Keys to Your Physical & Mental Health

Apr 22, 2021 |

Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is not only a heroic COVID-19 doctor, she is also a pioneer in women and men’s health and the founder and director of “Vive Life Center: specializing in Preventive and Climacteric Medicine.” Learn about genuinely comprehensive medical care...

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