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A Ray of Light in the Encroaching Darkness

Mar 20, 2023 |

I see the encroaching darkness. I feel the pressure of the overlords upon us all. And I no longer believe that their goals are merely silly concepts made up by fringy elitists who have grandiose impossible daydreams of turning our world into a nightmare for all but the...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

“…some of the most disturbing information that I’ve ever heard!”

Mar 16, 2023 |

After the live airing of ReFounding America this week a viewer wrote us that “Your show with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger was some of the most disturbing information I’ve ever heard….” He was referring to the suspicions that internal biometrics and nanotechnology may be...

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The Great Pipe Dream… Citizens, Everywhere, Arise!

Mar 09, 2023 |

The goal of tyranny is the complete capture and enslavement of the citizens of the world and the total bypass of all national laws, regulations, constitutions, and other forms of governance at any national level. Governments become consumed and converted to bureaucracies...

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Image of Dr Breggin and Steve Bannon

Dr. Breggin on War Room - Hope is Fuel - 3-8-23

Mar 08, 2023 |

Dr. Breggin discusses mental health for a free people and the Hope is Fuel seminar coming up on March 18, 2023

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Image of Dr Breggin and Sasha Latypova

The Defense Department Controls COVID-19

Mar 02, 2023 |

Shocking but incontrovertible new data demonstrates that the Department of Defense is at the top of the federal organizational board for operating COVID-19. Internal U.S. documents are confirming this. Sasha Latypova, formerly a Research & Development expert for the...

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