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The Peter and Ginger Breggin Weekly Radio Show

The Peter and Ginger Breggin Weekly Radio Show

Archives of America Out Loud Pulse

with Peter and Ginger Breggin


Listen on America Out Loud Pulse Wednesdays at 6 pm EST. The Breggin's cover all subjects Including culture & politics, psychiatry, the coronavirus, and vaccines


Image of pregnant woman and a vaccine

The Greatest Disaster in the History of Medicine - America Out Loud PULSE

Aug 13, 2022 |

The COVID “vaccines” are deadly and damaging. They should never have been approved for emergency use, and they certainly never should have been approved for pregnant women or infants. Physician and Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine...

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Image of Pfizer Vaccine

Pfizer Documents Illustrate Evil Behind COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Shots’ - America Out Loud PULSE

Jul 31, 2022 |

Our guest, Robert Yoho MD, has been following the work of Naomi Wolf in organizing teams to go over the thousands of pages of recently released documentation of the data produced by Pfizer from its COVID vaccine clinical trials. They confirm that their GMO vaccine was...

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Image depicting digital money

Digital Money Means the End of Liberty - America Out Loud PULSE

Jul 24, 2022 |

The world’s largest governments are poised to implement digital currencies, which will choke out cash money unless citizens protect their actual cash. Digital money. No more folding money or coins. Instant payments, anywhere in the world. It sounds like science fiction...

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Image of Biden and Xi

Globalism Unmasked: How China Weaponized Our Presidents - America Out Loud PULSE

Jul 16, 2022 |

How China manipulated and captured our own presidents and politicians, weaponizing them against their own country. Unmasking today’s global predations on humanity, from China seducing our top political leaders to the roots of the current rebellion in Holland to the...

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Image of protesting farmers

The Future of Food, #NoFarmersNoFood - America Out Loud PULSE

Jul 08, 2022 |

We have been so busy living our own lives that up until COVID-19 hit, we did not see the changes being implemented for our futures through our governments. Governments that have been manipulated and cajoled and brainwashed and bought to support a utopian dream of global...

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Image of elderly woman depicting misfortune

What Causes Most Human Misfortune? - America Out Loud PULSE

Jul 02, 2022 |

If you still believe that most human misfortune is caused by chance, human incompetence, and misunderstandings — and not by human attempts to exploit and control other humans — then this hour with Peter and Ginger Breggin could change your life for the better. Elite...

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Image of Walmart in China

Walmart Embedded with Homeland Security and China - America Out Loud PULSE

Jun 25, 2022 |

Walmart stores all over the country are collecting biometrics of every customer, including facial scans, body movement videos, purchase data, credit card data, and more. All this data is shared immediately with U.S. Homeland Security. Journalist Pete Santelli breaks...

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Image of Vaccine Passport

Crushing Humanity with a Simple Wallet Card: The Plot Behind Vaccine Passports - America Out Loud PULSE

Jun 18, 2022 |

Vaccine passports are so much more than we ever imagined — they are the link between us and an already enormous movement to collect all our data and then use it to control the details of our lives. Banks, think tanks, trusts, global corporations, authoritarian nations...

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Image of the world in a hand

What Does Mr. Global Want? - America Out Loud PULSE

Jun 12, 2022 |

What do the global predators want from us? Everything — but especially control over us. They will use healthcare, the military-industrial complex, or the housing industry, but ultimately, they use the big international banks. Catherine Austin Fitts brilliantly connects...

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Image of Vaccine Sci-Fi

Erasing The Lines Between Science Fiction and Reality - America Out Loud PULSE

Jun 04, 2022 |

Many have heard the rumors. The injections aren’t vaccines — they are experimental substances that change the DNA of the patient. There are metal particles, nano-sized, in the injections. Those tiny nanobots are engineered to “self-assemble” when stimulated by an outside...

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