Breaking News and Information – April 2019

Current News   News & Information for April 30, 2019 How religious experiences may benefit mental health Religion may have a wide range of health benefits, research suggests. For instance, a study that appeared last year found that religious believers tend to live 4 years longer, on average, while another […]

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Breaking News and Information – March 2019

Current News   News & Information for March 31, 2019 Part 6: Torturing Patients Interview VI of VIII, Dr. Breggin describes how Yale’s visiting professor, Jose Delgado, put caps on the heads of patients to stimulate their brain by remote control—and how Dr. Breggin’s reform work stopped all the Harvard/Yale […]

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Alert 98: Meet Another Enlightened Psychiatrist Like Dr. Breggin

Today, Wednesday, May 1st, is your introduction to a remarkable psychiatrist on The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour.  I am often asked, “Are there any other psychiatrists like you?”   By psychiatrist like me, they usually mean psychiatrists who care so much about their patients that they do psychotherapy and avoid giving them drugs.  They might also mean a psychiatrist who will fight for patient rights.  

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