Gas Being Released into New York City Subway System in “Terrorism Threat Test”

  • October 20, 2021
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US Department of Homeland Security reports that non-toxic, “aerosolized and inert tracer gases” will be pumped into some of the most crowded New York City subway stations, according to the memo they released. The tests are scheduled to “start in October 2021.”

“Strategy of Terror”

  • October 10, 2021
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By Ginger Ross Breggin   One of the main ...

The Future of the Vaccine War Against Humanity Revealed

  • June 23, 2021
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A new report in Science led by Ralph Baric’s team from the University of North Carolina defines the tragic future for humanity through the endless vaccine assault. Baric is the leading “gain-of-function” researcher in America and a collaborator and instructor for the...

“Operation Homebound” is actually Operation Horror

  • April 13, 2021
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The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has implemented “Operation Homebound” [Operation Homebound | Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (] which has been organized to “vaccinate the most underrepresented, homebound, and underserved disabled residents in our...

Nuremberg Code Against Nazi Experiments Should Stop Further COVID-19 Vaccinations

  • April 7, 2021
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This report examines COVID-19 vaccinations in light of the principles established by the Nuremberg Code, an ethical standard for scientific research developed by the judges in the Nazi War Crimes Trials after World War II. The Nuremberg Code (1949) (

The “Lancet COVID-19 Commission”—A Mortal Blow to Science

  • November 25, 2020
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By Ginger Ross Breggin and Peter R. Breggin M.D. ...

Fauci Wants You Scared, Anxious, and Compliant-- It’s Scientific!

  • November 5, 2020
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For more than 70 years a branch of public health science has been studying fear. But not to help humans cope. Seventy years of study have gone into how to scare people into compliance or submission in obeying public health officials and politicians. As it turns out, fea...

Fauci and Biden Together: A Scientific Dictatorship

  • October 28, 2020
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On September 26, presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted: “If I'm elected, I won't wait to take action on COVID-19. Minutes after the race is called, I’ll call Dr. Fauci and ask him to stay on.” Biden has taken a strong position on “listen to the scientists"...

Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 Treachery

  • October 12, 2020
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with Chilling Ties to the Chinese Military...

Fauci-Funded Chinese/US Research Led to COVID-19

  • September 17, 2020
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All Suspicions Confirmed. The Chinese government now has the unlimited ability to keep manufacturing pandemic viruses...