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A Much Better Explanation than “Mass Psychosis” — One That Encourages Freedom

  • September 10, 2022
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
  • /   Desmet,Malone,Mass_Psychosis,Ginger_Breggin,Peter_Breggin,Globalism
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A Much Better Explanation than “Mass Psychosis” — One That Encourages Freedom

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin
Originally posted to America Out Loud on Sep 8, 2022 | Global, Health, Politics

Dear Healthcare Freedom Fighters and all who are defending freedom in America, we are addressing this to all of you. But we especially want to respond to those who feel that Mattias Desmet and Robert Malone have helped you by describing mass psychosis which seems to explain what you yourselves are witnessing every day with your own eyes among your colleagues and other healthcare providers, and even among friends and family. Some have asked us for a better explanation of the rampant demoralization and loss of critical or independent thinking you see around you, and here it is:

What you are being told is a mass psychosis are individual people terrorized and traumatized by a totalitarian state that has invaded medicine, seized control of it, bureaucratized it, and terrorized individual members so that they are afraid to whisper a word of dissent for fear of ostracism, loss of employment, and even legal actions. This has nothing to do with psychosis; it is the normal or natural reaction to totalitarian abuse.

This normal response to severe, personalized oppression with loss of autonomy stifles free will and real freedom, and suppresses the human spirit. It is further characterized by every imaginable emotional misery, depending on the individual’s vulnerabilities. It includes guilt, shame, anxiety, chronic irritability, apathy, depression, paranoia, demoralization, and denial. As most of us have experienced, these victims of oppression have very considerable anxiety and a negative reaction to anything that stimulates awareness of their dreadful circumstances and their feelings of hopelessness about ever going free.

The Abuses Typical of Totalitarianism

Like any victim of totalitarianism, these individuals (not “masses”) are responding to real threats — not imagined or psychotic ones. A new book, The Courage to Face COVID-19, by John Leake and Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, a heroic figure to many of us, describes some of the intimidation experienced by healthcare providers under the current totalitarianism.

The threats come from the CDC, FDA, and even the FBI. They come from state medical boards. In California, the legislature has passed a bill empowering medical boards to act against anyone who disagrees with “accepted” or “standard” medical practice.

Doctors have had their licenses threatened and even revoked. Others are being harassed by their specialty boards. For daring to even hint at the truth, doctors have lost their professorships, clinical appointments, partnerships, and patients — and then been rejected by family and friends.

Like many people with mid-level or bureaucratic authority in a totalitarian system, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have blood on their hands, and suffer from guilt, shame, and anxiety about it. Many have genuine remorse but fear expressing it. They were forced, for the first time in medical history, to reject their sick patients until they were so sick that they needed emergency hospitalization — and this is still going on in our community and others in America.

The best medical sources warned them that they would literally kill their patients if they gave them life-saving hydroxychloroquine, and they did not have the courage to see through it. Even when told not to give them prednisone or other steroids for inflammation, they did not rebel. Instead, they watched their patients die. In medical schools, internships, and residencies around the world, we are bringing up a generation of doctors and healthcare providers too frightened to do anything but conform to whatever they are told.

They have been forced to take vaccines that are deadly or lose their jobs and then forced to inflict them on their patients, even children, or lose their jobs. In the hospitals, many must know that they are killing patients by depriving them of good treatments and afflicting them with deadly treatments like Remdesivir and ventilators.

Doctors have been so intimidated that they will not even prescribe extremely safe treatment regimens that prevent COVID-19 and its variants. They have been rendered helpless as doctors and healthcare providers.
In my entire life — in my training, in my practice, speaking at conferences, consulting, and writing, as well as going to doctors for myself, my children, my wife, or my mother-in-law — I have never seen such terrified reactions from healthcare providers at deviating from the prevailing medical narrative. Never before have I seen doctors even care about what the CDC has to say — until now, when they are terrorized by it!

The Damage Done by Applying the Diagnosis “Mass Psychosis”

When Robert Malone, MD, promotes a fake diagnosis of mass psychosis, of course, it can provide immediate relief to those of us dismayed and distressed by the fearful conformity we see. We think, at last, we have an explanation! But it is highly destructive because it is utterly unscientific and completely false, and because it distracts us, and the victims, by imagining the problem is originating, even in part, from the people themselves.

These unfortunate people are victims of extreme abuse and terrorization. When your colleague or friend responds weirdly to a little bit of truth — whether robotically, anxiously, or angrily — he or she is not psychotic. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you are witnessing the demoralizing effects of totalitarian terror on people.

The so-called mass psychotics are reacting as small and large groups always react under the crushing effects of brutality and totalitarianism, including victims of brainwashing in prisoner of war camps, in cults, and even in abusive families. You are witnessing people who have been terrorized and injured — and believe they have nowhere to turn. We do not give them a place to turn when telling them they have a mass psychosis, instead of a severe traumatic reaction to real events in their lives that they can oppose and overcome by joining other brave freedom fighters.

Comparable Demoralization Under Authoritarian and Totalitarian Circumstances

I have seen similar reactions in my practice from abused women and children. And on a larger scale, I witnessed this complete demoralization during my years of volunteering in 1950s state mental hospitals and in visiting East Berlin in the 1980s before the Berlin Wall came down. Applying the label “psychotic” to victims of totalitarianism is a crime against them and a gift to their oppressors and enemies.

Ultimately, and perhaps most dangerous of all, Malone, along with Desmet, is weaponizing psychiatry — giving the global predators and totalitarians a new tool of mass diagnoses with which to control the population and especially the leading dissenters, exactly as has been done in the U.S.S.R. and continues to be done by the Chinese Communists. As a physician, Malone, in particular, should have been more cautious about pinning a diagnosis of “psychosis” — the most extreme form of mental disorder — on any group or any individual.

Malone is distracting you and us from focusing on the elite, the power structure, and especially the broad array of global predator conspiracies we document in COVID-19 and the Global Predators and that Robert F. Kennedy documents in The Real Anthony Fauci. This vastly impedes the fight for freedom.

Malone In the Future

As Malone gains increasing legitimacy, power, and media attention through working with us in the health freedom movement and eventually, for example, becomes director of a federal health agency — he will bring his destructive ideas to the next conservative administration. He will be welcomed back by the Deep State from which he has come and to which he continues to actively work through NIH Active, according to his November 2021 resume. And he will be applauded by the wealthy old-guard globalist Republican establishment, and the progressives, while he continues to impede the fight for individual and political liberty by denying the forces bent on destroying America and instead blaming totalitarianism on the people themselves through mass psychosis. He will be applauded by the broad array of Washington politicians for reinforcing their willing blindness to the real threats to America from the Chinese Communists and the Western globalists, as well as from the domestic progressives bent on overthrowing America.

And all of us who do nothing will have enabled Malone by allowing him to become a leader of the health care freedom and conservative freedom movements to which he has never belonged and from which he is trying to steal the thunder and the fight.

For detailed reports and background materials on the overall subject of mass formation and mass psychosis and the work of Desmet and Malone, go to www.123masspsychosis.com.
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