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A Ray of Light in the Encroaching Darkness

  • March 20, 2023
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
  • /   America-Out-Loud,Globalism,COVID-19,Ginger_Breggin,Peter_Breggin
Hands holding light

A Ray of Light in the Encroaching Darkness

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin
Originally posted on America Out Loud Mar 19, 2023 | Global, Lifestyle, Politics

I awake to life every day now, aware that it is far different from life just a few years ago. I see the encroaching darkness of oppression. I am fully aware of the increasingly scarce liberties. I feel the nudging of authoritarian masters intent on moving us toward fear and blind compliance.

Emotional balance and hope is a survival tool now. There is little room for despair or fear, or even grief. Despite the dreadful losses of the last three years that weigh on my soul like a boulder, I must face forward and seek out the next steps possible toward reviving liberty. So, I seek out rays of light.

Do not misunderstand me. I have not had to bear the burdens, so many of my friends and countrymen have had to bear. I am very, very blessed. I have a love-based marriage, and his eyes light up when he sees me each morning. I have comforts that bring me ease in my older years (there is no way around that fact anymore.) And I can still remember freedom, fellow feeling, community, firm handshakes, bright smiles, emotional warmth, caring, and being in a welcoming crowd that feels like a hug.

But I see the encroaching darkness. I feel the pressure of the overlords upon us all. And I no longer believe that their goals are merely silly concepts made up by fringy elitists who have grandiose impossible daydreams of turning our world into a nightmare for all but the privileged few.

The grinding wheels of oppression approach.

The other day a beloved colleague of ours, one of the bravest physicians we know, went with his wife to a community meeting in his small town in Germany. He has had a very difficult time recently. For his leadership, bravery, wisdom, and compassion, he has been threatened and attacked by State authorities.

Around the world, these days, in previously free nations, physicians and scientists who have dared to speak out against the oppressive COVID measures have been pressured through censure, threats of license removal, and worse. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi has not been spared.

But on that particular day in his town, our colleague Dr. Bhakdi was just participating quietly in the audience at a civic function.

And then someone noticed his presence, there in the middle of the auditorium, with his wife, and announced, “Dr. Bhakdi is present.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Receives Standing Ovation in Kiel, Germany

His wife at his side, a great hero of our unfolding present time, received a spontaneous standing ovation from the people of his community.

Seeing Dr. Bhakdi’s community of Kiel, Germany, acknowledge this courageous man was like sunshine for me.

God bless Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, and God bless Dr. Karina Reiss — his wife. God bless all the intrepid men and women from every walk of life and every corner of our earth who are refusing to be cowed and bullied by oppressive regimes and continue to work to save lives and save liberty and justice for us all.

And God bless citizens everywhere who remember freedom, remember sovereignty, and remember human dignity and value. Rally up, countrymen!

There is a world to save.




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