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Dr. Breggin on War Room - Hope is Fuel - 3-8-23

  • March 8, 2023
  • /   Peter Breggin MD
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Image of Dr Breggin and Steve Bannon

Dr. Breggin on War Room - Hope is Fuel - 3-8-23

Dr. Breggin discusses mental health for a free people and the Hope is Fuel seminar coming up on March 18, 2023


Wed, Mar 08, 2023


Dr. Breggin, Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon 00:00

I want to bring in Dr. Peter Breggin. His book COVID-19 And the global predators you are the prey was kind of one of the seminal works that broke this thing open early on. Dr. Breggin. I know we're gonna talk about the conference in a second but I just want to get an update on your think, your current thinking, you are one of the most renowned psychiatrists in the country, your current thinking on, on the, on the COVID, CCP COVID-19. The global predators where do we stand on all this, sir?

Dr. Breggin 00:26

Well, I think we're facing two separate empires. We've got the CCP in the east and Xi Jinping. And in the West, we've got another Empire, which is grown out of a lot of earlier empires. And it's very heavily a financial empire. And it involves Bill Gates, and it involves the European Union. It involves Klaus Schwab, Soros, a lot of people trying to make billions of dollars and have a lot of control. And one of the things they want to do in the process to tie this into your earlier guests, who really need to have the overview is that they want to make us into transhumans. They want to make us into anything they want, essentially, to be able to exploit a US humanity to call humanity and the whole gender business is about demoralizing us as individuals, giving us no rock solid values, making us believe that you can be transformed by people outside yourself into some miracle new person. It's all about the politics, and the politics of the destruction of the individual, the family, the solid, middle class, everything that has gone into our believing in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness rather than totalitarianism.

Steve Bannon 01:58

Dr. Breggin, you are one of the most renowned psychiatrists in this country, right, essentially a medical doctor for mental health. Why has the psych Why has the profession of psychiatry not stepped up here in this transgender situation and stepped up here but the mental health issues are involved in this Why had the professionals from these great universities seems like they failed us.

Dr. Breggin 02:26

Psychiatry is just the wrong place to turn to for anything other than an increase in authoritarianism and totalitarianism, from going back all the way to Hippocrates. It's been a very secular, it's been very arrogant. It's been prescriptive of drugs. And now shock treatment. And lobotomy, which I spent many years, we've successfully fighting and early in my career, psychiatry is the wrong place to go. And people still making that mistake because psychiatrists actually live on a materialistic mythology that the problems with our spirit, our soul, the things that religion traditionally deals with good philosophy deals with the theories or actually material problems or biochemical imbalances. So you go to a psychiatrist expecting to meet somebody who knows more about people and lives and suffering than then maybe your grandmother or your wife or husband, and is actually an ignoramus, who has a bought a materialistic religion, that gives them a lot of power and a lot of money. So you got to think about psychology in general. And unfortunately, psychotherapy, social work. The various aspects of the mental health field are dominated by psychiatry. We need an alternative therapy that ties into the values of the Judeo-Christian traditions and religions and into the Declaration of Independence. I've been thinking a lot about this. I have the honor lately of working with a lot of people in the movement who see me and they come to me and talk to me and they've got good values. That's the basic starting point. Good Health.

Steve Bannon 04:18

Dr. Breggin we'll take a short commercial break and come back and talk about the focus fuel your current endeavors why this conference is so important Dr. Peter Breggin one of the leaders of this movement, thought leaders, next in the War Room.

Steve Bannon 04:36

here's your host Stephen K Bannon by the way, we're gonna be doing the vote today at I think two or three o'clock we'll get to Grace we're going to be live on getter for that so just go but go to my get a feed go to the go to the world and get our feed. We're gonna have Matt gates gonna be a debate I think starting at two o'clock. We're gonna be all over it. We're gonna go back to Dr. Breggin and we have Dr. Breggin him back on to discuss this whole thing he's putting together about the spiritual nature and the Judeo-Christian values of the Judeo-Christian West. But hope is fuel is this conference reason I got excited about it. I saw Dr. Breggin was gonna be the main one of the main speakers. Can you tell us about a Dr. Breggin, what are you going to be talking about? It's on the 18th of March. How do people get there?

Dr. Breggin 05:20

Well, it's Patrick Coffin. Dear friend, wonderful man. He's a very, very spiritual human being. I think he's among the most spiritual among us. And he's doing hope is fuel. It's an online summit on Saturday, March 18, 2023. And there's going to be a regular presentation by each of five of us six people. And then there's going to be a Q&A. That's the basic format and I think it's going to be really exciting. It's going to be focusing on the spiritual and psychological underpinning of freedom and freedom movement.

Steve Bannon 06:03

Dr. Breggin how to people we're going to put up everything about how to get to that and we'll have you back on before you go because we're that people need hope more than ever right now. But your book and your writings the COVID-19 and the global product are still one of the best books about this about the globalization the global the globalist. How do people get to the book? How do they get to your writing? Ginger's writing all of it where they go?

Dr. Breggin 06:24

Okay, well, the starting point, thank you, Steve is breggin.com, b r e g g i n breggin.com. And you'll find there a section on media we have a radio and TV show combined, and then ginger and I do a radio show. And you can link to all of them through breggin.com. And then, um, one thing we really want people to do is to get our free alerts or free alerts the Breggin alerts, we call them now more simply the Breggin alerts. And we've got a very large audience and Steve a 50% opening rate, which is you know, usually it's like 3%. So people really like what we're doing is, that's the basic ways

Steve Bannon 07:07

That's huge. That's huge, Hope is Fuel. It's on the 18th of March. We'll get all the information out there. It's free. If you just want to get the taste. There's a VIP to get in and get into the chat rooms. We'll put it all up there. Dr. Breggin, honored to have you on here, sir.

Dr. Breggin 07:23

Wonderful to see you.

Steve Bannon 07:26

Thank you, sir. One of the most important thought leaders in this movement to break the globalist, Dr. Peter Breggin.




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