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Dr. Jason Dean, “You are the last barrier before they get to our children.” - America Out Loud PULSE

  • January 15, 2023
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
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Thumbnail from America Out Loud PULSE of child and mom wearing masks

Dr. Jason Dean, “You are the last barrier before they get to our children.” 

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin
Originally posted on America Out Loud PULSE Jan 14, 2023 | Global, Health, Politics

On the edge of reality, there lies our possible future, predicted by inventions and patents, by futurists, science fiction, and research papers. We witnessed a startling rip in our reality when a pandemic was loosed upon the world and propaganda exploded to convince citizens to willingly abandon their legal, moral, and human rights.

Because of this recent COVID catastrophe, we have all become aware that those possibilities that are being discussed and imagined today may well become tomorrow’s reality. As a corollary, we also now know that even the most idealistic goals may suddenly become the excuse to take deep advantage of human nature and citizens everywhere. Virologists and government officials like Anthony Fauci reassured us that the virus research was done in order to protect us. Then we were told that the mRNA vaccines were safe, effective, and designed to protect us.

But the reality has been the opposite. Instead of protecting us from emerging pandemics, a manipulated virus in a lab escaped or was released and caused pandemonium around the world, bringing human contact, commerce and economies to a standstill.

The never before used and never approved mRNA vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer were supposed to be safe and effective at protecting us against COVID-19 but have instead primed our bodies and immune systems into being more vulnerable to new variations of the disease.

Even worse, there has been a growing list of dangerous, life-changing, and sometimes deadly adverse effects, including the epidemics of the “died suddenly” deaths.

So, what is around the corner? What does technology have in store for us?

This is the question that Dr. Dean explores in this amazing interview. Illuminating, frightening, and deeply sobering, this hour flew by. You will never look at the future quite the same way again.

You can find Dr. Dean at bravetv.com.




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