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Mattias Desmet Blames the Victims and Absolves the Perpetrators - Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

  • July 25, 2022
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
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Mattias Desmet Blames the Victims and Absolves the Perpetrators - Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin
Originally posted on America Out Loud Jul 24, 2022 | Health, Politics

Here Desmet describes a seemingly respectable scholarly basis for his mass formation speculations, Gustave Le Bon’s important 1895 analysis of the madness of crowds: 

A crowd is a specific kind of group. Its distinguishing feature is a far-reach­ing “uniformization” of individuals. In the crowd, everyone becomes equal to everyone else, people think together, and they tend to identify with the same ideals. Gustave Le Bon—the French sociologist and psychologist who published one of the most important works on mass formation, Psychologie des joules in 1895—argued that the “individual soul” in the masses is completely taken over by the “group soul.” This uniformization is accompanied by an almost absolute loss of rational thinking and the ability for critical reflection, even among people who, under “normal circumstances,” are extremely intelligent and capable of well-founded criticism. It is also accompanied by a strong tendency to surrender to impulses that, under normal circumstances, would be considered radically unethical. [two citations removed, p. 92]

A THREE-PART SERIES – Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

There is an irredeemable flaw, not in Le Bon’s thinking, but in Desmet’s. Le Bon was analyzing crowds! His entire point was to distinguish the “madness of crowds” from people “who, under ‘normal circumstances,’ are extremely intelligent and capable of well-founded criticism.” He is literally talking about mob behavior.

No one now doubts that crowds can enable some people to act without reason or restraint. But there were no crowds during the time that Desmet is writing about, the high point of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were not legally permitted to form crowds.   

During the COVID-19 crisis at its worst, millions were off work. Those who were sick were confined to their homes, nursing homes, or hospitals. Many public places were often closed. People were afraid to get within six feet of each other. Some were even wearing masks while riding bikes or driving cars by themselves. People were suffering from isolation, not from crowd psychodynamics. There is no conceivable way that people could have spread their self-destructive feelings and attitudes in a coherent manner from one to another to create a mass formation. Their common misery was caused by the politicians and public health authorities working from a formal plan developed on a worldwide basis through global predators in control of the World Health Organization and other key institutions and agencies, and they had been planning it for ten years or more.

The Psychoanalyst at Work

Desmond is a psychoanalyst, a therapist trained in the methods and orthodoxy of Sigmund Freud. Freud turned blaming the victim into his most important theory, the Oedipus complex. Freud originally discovered and explained to a conference of his medical colleagues that many of his emotionally distressed female patients, all of them from elite families, had been sexually abused by family members as children. The elite Victorian fathers listening to Freud were apparently outraged at his accusation that anyone like them might be sexually abusing their children. His colleagues literally turned their backs on Freud and walked out. 

Jeffrey Masson, in his enormously important book, The Assault on Truth, used Freud’s personal correspondence to document Freud’s shaken response to this peer rejection and how he dealt with it. Freud responded over the next few months by developing a mammoth and outlandish lie to save his professional identity and career. He called it the Oedipus complex. Freud explained that children, starting at around age four, lust after their parents and make up theories of being sexually abused by them. Freud’s self-serving cowardice is an egregious example of victim blaming to preserve one’s own authority.

For decades, Freud was guilty of setting back society’s awareness of child sexual abuse. Like Desmet now does, he gave cover to the abusers. As a psychoanalyst in the tradition of Freud, Desmet accuses serious scholars of making up stories to fit their own “needs” (p. 127).

Desmet’s book is a lot of pseudo-intellectuality wrapped around a fistful of psychobabble. Desmet is an apologist for what has turned out to be a preplanned, organized mass murder through withholding amazingly effective early treatment and instead inflicting dangerous, lethal experimental “vaccines” on humanity, now including infants.

How Twisted Can Political Thinking Get?

About his explanations, Desmet tells us, “This approach allows us to focus on what matters most: Totalitarianism arises from evolutions and tendencies that take place in our everyday lives” (p. 8). Imagine, under the purposeful battering inflicted upon us during COVID-19, we are supposed to look around at ourselves and our every-day-lives to see how we are inflicting it on ourselves.

The historian Hannah Arendt is the most cited expert in Desmet’s book, and he quotes her on a similarly bizarrely twisted theme:
In substance, the totalitarian leader is nothing more nor less than the functionary of the masses he leads; he is not a power-hungry individual imposing a tyrannical and arbitrary will upon his subjects (p. 139). 

A Jewish historian seemingly exonerating Hitler and Nazis? Is Arendt a self-hating Jew? As a Jew, I’m familiar with this tragic phenomenon. Many critics,13 including the Anti-Defamation League,14 have attacked “Arendt’s defamatory conception of Jewish participation in the Nazi Holocaust.” In addition to that, Arendt blamed the Holocaust on the historical behavior of Jews, and she is anti-Israel. 

What Really Makes People Feel Brutalized?

What causes members of a family, institution, society, nation, or empire to feel brutalized? The odds are overwhelming that they are, in fact, being brutalized by the organized, strategized oppression of those in authority. 

Severe demoralization of individuals does not arise spontaneously within people. It requires systematic oppression, exemplified by the unfortunate citizens Russia or Communist China, Jews in concentration camps, inmates of state mental hospitals, members of cults, women with abusive husbands, and children being sexually abused by their parents. These evil-doers hide what their actions from those who could stop them, so child protective agencies, police, or investigative journalists, as well as concerned professionals and other citizens, must become involved to identify and to stop them.  

Desmet does not want anyone investigating in depth the sources of COVID-19 abuses among the billionaires and financiers in the pharmaceutical industry who have reaped obscene benefits and enormous power, or the authorities with whom they made and executed the plans at the UN, the World Health Association (WHO), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). In addition, there are major planners and funders at the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill Gates Foundation, the Welcome Trust in Great Britain, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Even schools of public health at universities like Harvard and Johns Hopkins are conspirators in developing strategies. 

The Chinese Communist Party was also deeply involved with making SARS-CoV viruses in cooperation with U.S. scientists partially funded by Fauci’s NIAID, sometimes with the money passing through the EcoHealth Alliance and its president Peter Daszak. When the release of SARS-CoV-2 occurred from the Wuhan Lab, the Chinese were helped by the diverse collaborators from WHO to the journal Lancet in covering up the source and deflecting criticism from the Communists.15 It took a decade of intense planning and collaboration, and the investment of billions of dollars, to enforce the lockstep submission to the same oppressive practices everywhere in the world, all at the same time.   

Desmet’s Solution to the Problem of Totalitarianism

Desmet’s solution to the problem of so much increasing human suffering under totalitarianism is consistent with his analysis of it. Since there is no one to blame except the masses who created mass formations, there is no one to blame but ourselves. The only solution is personal and psychological—we must better ourselves because we are the problem. He states, “The real task facing us as individuals and as a society is to construct a new view of man and the world, to find a new foundation for our identity, to formulate new principles for living together with others…” (p. 8). Not a word about fighting for our freedom—because he believes we have no enemies, except ourselves. 

Desmet does not want anyone to know that Western society and its sovereign nations are under assault, and that COVID-19 is part of the attack. Desmet wants to render us unable to defend ourselves, and he tries to do so by blaming us for the obviously authoritarian and totalitarian impositions on us by globalist billionaires, institutions, agencies, and assorted collaborators. The ultimate message of Mattias Desmet is “Stop thinking and surrender!” 

Desmet says that he himself has been “a subject of a few conspiracy theories.” He explains, “I was accused of being a so-called controlled opposition… to keep the opposition calm and quiet with my psychological theories” (p. 132). He ridicules the idea, saying some called him a “satanist.” But he mounts no defense against the accusations concerning the harmful effects of his ideology

What’s Really Needed

Our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, shreds Desmet’s theory of “mass formation” by demonstrating that there are well-organized global predators who have been planning all the worst aspects of COVID-19 tyranny since Bill Gates announced the Decade of Vaccines in 2010. At that time, Gates, Klaus Schwab, the UN, Tedros of WHO, Anthony Fauci, and many other individuals and organizations began working with many collaborators, including Xi Jinping, to make even greater fortunes and gain even more power. Their continuing strategy is to force damaging and often deadly experimental GMO “vaccines” on the entire world’s population, recently including the babies. 

We must reject Desmet’s outlandish theories that distract us from the most important task since the founding of America—defending the free world from being further taken over and demolished by the globalists. We must unmask their apologists, like Desmet, and fight the globalist individuals and forces that are destroying Western democracies. Ultimately, we must refound America as a nation based, not on globalism, but on individual and political freedom, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and AmericaFirst policies. Then we can once again become an inspiration to the world for liberty, as our founders originally intended and hoped, spreading the good news that constitutional democracy is the best way for the citizens of the world to live as freely as possible and to prosper in peace. 

We urge people to dismiss the distraction of “mass formation” and “mass hypnosis.” And we have no fear of largescale peaceful crowds protesting our loss of freedoms. We need mass noncompliance in our private and public lives against the totalitarianism now being forced upon us around the world. 

A THREE-PART SERIES – Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse


13 Here is interesting observation: “Two new and damning critiques, one of Arendt and one of her longtime Nazi-sycophant lover, the philosopher Martin Heidegger, were published within 10 days of each other last month. The pieces cast further doubt on the overinflated, underexamined reputations of both figures and shed new light on their intellectually toxic relationship.” https://slate.com/human-interest/2009/10/troubling-new-revelations-about-arendt-and-heidegger.html and also see https://www.city-journal.org/html/hannah-arendt-and-origins-israelophobia-13451.html
15 All of this planning and collaborating, and much more, is covered in Breggin, P. and Breggin, G. (November 2021), COVID-19, and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.
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