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The Great Pipe Dream… Citizens, Everywhere, Arise!

  • March 9, 2023
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
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The Great Pipe Dream… Citizens, Everywhere, Arise!

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin
Originally posted on America Out Loud Mar 8, 2023 | Global, Lifestyle, Politics

The Great Dream goes like this: We will form up small isolated communities in the pristine and endless wilderness, learning the ways of our ancestors, and combining that wisdom with the 21st Century knowledge of our digital age. We will cooperate and be self-sufficient, growing our own food, making our own clothing, and caring for our own sick without contact or outside interference. We will be peaceful and will have endless days of sunshine and hard-earned simple comfort, and the companionship of our fellow pioneers.

I understand. We want an escape hatch. We want a way out of our current reality. This Great Dream keeps rising like cream in the hearts and minds of some of us who have had enough — those of us who are aware of the tightening control grid being placed around us.

You know what I mean. We are sick with grief over the deaths — babies dying in the womb; children struck dead in their sleep, athletes collapsing on the field of play, adults falling where they stand during any given day. And the cancers. One day a preliminary diagnosis is made, and the next day stage Four–metastasized cancer– is being found in the throat, in the bones…in the brain. And another family prepares for a long, painful, slow goodbye.

We are sick of the isolation, the lockdowns, the masking, the hollow-eyed looks from our children, the ‘no handshakes,’ the mandates to get vaccines, and all the questions about how soon it’s going to be before the next “deadly thing” occurs. We are tired of wondering if our neighbors agree with our restive feelings and desire to resist the tightening walls of tyranny.

Our governments have turned against us, the citizens. We who have tried our best to follow the laws, pay our taxes, be good citizens, be responsible for ourselves and those we love, and generally, to be kind. When we have protested infringements on our God-given Constitutional rights, we have been met with force, manipulations, denigration, harassment, and in some cases, such as with the January 6 defendants — outright torture.

In our sister republics and democracies, such as Canada, we are seeing flagrant, public assaults by police. In Canada, strong-arm tactics and illegal arrest and detainment have been employed against Christian leaders defending the rights of their parishioners to worship. Physical attacks and beatings have been inflicted upon citizens lawfully and peacefully, protesting with great restraint and thoughtfulness (remember the Canadian trucker’s protest). Often women have been the target of these attacks, and we believe this is a deliberate attempt to further intimidate the resistance.

There is no banality of this evil. It has been analyzed, evaluated, planned, practiced, executed, and perfected for maximum impact. It continues and evolves to this day. And there is a reason for that….If we, the citizens of our countries, cannot be captured, tamed, and forced to comply, we can still turn back this oppression. We can turn the tide on tyranny.

The goal of tyranny is the complete capture and enslavement of the citizens of the world and the total bypass of all national laws, regulations, constitutions, and other forms of governance at any national level. Governments become consumed and converted to bureaucracies for the enforcement of global rules and regulations.
Does the Great Dream fit anywhere in this picture?

The Dream of escape is a lure to separate and weaken the citizens of the country. In America, our forefathers and mothers did not escape. They did not say, “forget that king! Let’s go live ‘out West’ someplace.”

We might not have won our freedom from a brutal king if Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington had decided to go West instead of gathering and forming a new union.

I fear that well-intentioned, or not; the Great Dream is a deadly distraction. It is a siren song to those strong enough and young enough to want to escape and strike out on their own. Go, the song says, create a new civilization. And weaken all who love freedom when you do so.

I have heard speculations about finding an island somewhere. Others have talked about living on top of a mountain amidst the boundless wilderness. There is Alaska….Mexico….Brazil….

It won’t work, people. There is nowhere on Earth that is beyond the reach of tyranny if the 21st Century predators gain global control. Military units have been training in seek and destroy in some of the most isolated regions of the world for decades now. The tech to assist and the knowledge to trace, track, and capture or kill have been perfected.

If you set up a homestead, you are a sitting duck. There is a place for homesteads, as part of a life of protest with the larger community. It can nurture you while you resist. But a homestead anywhere cannot hide you.

If you go mobile, say, in an RV and carry your tech with you (phone, computers, and so forth), you can be traced. Sooner or later, the equipment comes out of the Faraday bag. If you abandon your tech, you are ultimately thrown back a couple of hundred years, except for whatever knowledge you can retain in your memory.

And even then, living on the run, we become hunter/gatherers being hunted.

Drone swarms will be sent out along with heat-sensing patrols. Satellites that necklace the earth have eyes. We will be found. Oh, maybe we will become exotic prey for hunting parties. Maybe we will be left for a time, but I doubt it. The strong, young, and stubborn will be big targets. Tyranny will not want a single example of a successful independent community. The hunting will come quickly.

America and every country in the world are on the brink. How her citizens each take individual actions in the next short period of time will determine whether America’s children — our grandchildren and children — and the world’s children have the freedoms we took for granted, or whether they live out hard, shortened lives in slavery.

We must resist, with every bit of fiber and determination we have, all the petty tyrannies of our lives. And we must resist together within our cultures, resisting the petty bureaucrats just following orders, be they physicians with vaccines or store owners asking for digital money. We must insist on using cash. Demand food without mRNA additives.

Shake hands. Hug your friends. Smile broadly and often, face free of mask and free of anonymity. Wave at the surveillance cameras. Protest and picket with your friends, and your neighbors. Befriend and encourage community members. Please do not run away. I believe we have all been born into this time for a reason. I do not know the reason God has written on your heart. I am still learning the reasons God has given to me. But every one of us is needed.
Mothers with babies in arms. Children with their eternal optimism and inspiration. Strong young adults who have learned enough to recognize the difference between freedom and tyranny. Men who can be protective fathers and can help stand bravely against the threats of despotism. Elders who remember the old ways and the histories and cultures of our countries. The treasured ancient ones like my 96-year-old mother, who can tell stories of the Great Depression, of World War II, and who remind us of the preciousness of every living human.

We do not need citizens scattering into the illusionary safety of the wilderness.

We need bigger and broader resistances around the world. The farmers of the Netherlands, the truckers of Canada, and the yellow vest protesters of France. The thousands demanding free and honest elections in Brazil. Those in Australia resisting the so-called isolation camps…..

Citizens, everywhere, arise!

Primary author Ginger Ross Breggin. She and her husband, Peter R. Breggin MD, are the authors of the bestselling new book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD. Over 120,000 sold.




Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey

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~ Robert F Kennedy, Jr
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