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War Room Pandemic with Steven K. Bannon May 10, 2022

  • May 3, 2022
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
  • /   Globalism,Steve_Bannon,Peter_Breggin,Global_Predators,WHO
Image of Dr Breggin and Steve Bannon

War Room Pandemic with Steven K. Bannon May 10, 2022

Biden handing over U.S. Sovereignty to W.H.O and the threat to freedom liberty and the constitution is discussed urgently by Steven Bannon and Dr. Peter Breggin in an intense interview.

Mr. Bannon said: “We’re very honored-- our next guest—one of the most prominent physicians in this country. His history, his education, what he has done for this country, what he’s done for patients in his area of psychiatry is legendary: Dr. Peter Breggin. Over the weekend your wife, Virginia and yourself put up an article that I had some time to get into your piece, “Biden handing over U.S. Sovereignty to W.H.O.”

“We've had some very serious people on here – this is not funny. When you have someone like Dr. Peter Breggin taking time away from what he is doing—he’s got a great book we’re going to talk about. For Dr. Breggin to go through systematically and give a warning to the American people saying “hey, your sovereignty is being handed over right now,” and it’s not crazy. Dr. Breggin can you walk us through your piece?”

Watch on Dr. Breggin's Brighteon Channel

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