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Alert 124: Dr. Breggin Gives His Best Talk!

  • November 22, 2019
  • /   Dr. Peter Breggin
  • /   frequent-alerts

This Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, the third in my new radio/TV format, is probably my best-ever talk about how to overcome emotional and psychological impediments to sanity and a good life. On my own without a guest, I explain the nature of psychological or emotional helplessness and how to over come it, and then take the conversation deeper into our worst fears and dreads and how to pull ourselves out in order to live the best possible life.  I begin this spontaneous talk by catching you up on the latest in electrically-induced mind control--the exact opposite of how to live life--and then spend most of the hour delving as deeply as I can into what life is about, including what are the worst threats, and how to live it above and beyond them.  

Listen in @ www.prn.fm, Today @ 4 PM, NY Time

Call in with comments or questions @ 888-874-4888

Or listen to the archives @ www.breggin.com


Peter R. Breggin


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