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Frequent Alert 210--Dr. Robert Yoho MD

  • May 21, 2021
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Butchered by "Healthcare" is the title of my guest's book and that is the subject of my interview with author Robert Yoho, MD. We might add "butchered for profit" to the title. A former ER doc and retired plastic surgeon, Dr. Yoho became disillusioned with medicine as a money-making machine. We look at the money behind everything from CPR and prostate surgery to C-sections and hysterectomies and on to antidepressants and anti-cholesterol drugs. Yes, even CPR is in among the overused and largely useless medical and surgical approaches and I was surprised to hear who's making money from it. Dr. Yoho is unmerciful toward the corporations who profit from the healthcare industry such as insurance and drug companies--and rightfully so with lots of data. The solution? Right now, being a skeptical and cautious consumer of healthcare is the most immediate and best answer, and this hour moved even me further in that direction.





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