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Alert 78 : How Love Can Reformat Our Lives

“How Love Can Reformat Our Lives” is the second in my new series about love. This may be my best effort ever to communicate about the potentially healing and empowering effect of love in our lives.   These ideas and attitudes have transformed my life for the better.  I hope you find them useful and meaningful.  Peter […]

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Alert 74 : Why Would the FDA Approve Electroshock?

Modern electroshock (ECT) delivers up to ten times the amount of electricity needed to cause a convulsion, leading to a very severe convulsion, unconsciousness, coma, flat lining of the brain waves, and aftereffects identical to a severe concussion with traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Yet the FDA, forever evading the fact it has never demanded the testing of ECT, has once again determined that ECT is too harmless to require serious testing.

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Alert 73: MEET ME IN DENMARK MARCH 9, 2019

March 9, 2019 is the first Symposium about Scientific Freedom and the Inauguration of the Institute for Scientific Freedom. This will be the first time I speak frankly in public about the repeated, at times life-threatening, attempts to stop my scientific and reform work. Make this the travel event of 2019 for yourself and for scientific reform. It will inform and inspire you beyond all expectations.

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