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Alert 23 : Finally, an uncensored uncompromising publishing site for courageous pioneers in our field!

Today we introduce our new Honored Guest Bloggers Award & Publishing Platform No one in the world has done more than Peter Gøtzsche MD to elevate professional ethics and scientific integrity in medicine and psychiatry. He co-founded the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration for scientific integrity. He is the first recipient […]

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Alert 19: Antidepressants Do Kill People

Two new 2017 research studies confirm that antidepressants shorten lives and make them worse.   Maslej et al. found that antidepressants “increased mortality risk by 33%” and increased cardiovascular events by 14%, in the general population.  Our findings provide corroborative evidence that cardiovascular status moderates the health risks associated with AD […]

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Alert 18 : Las Vegas Shooter on Valium!

Stephen Paddock, the worst mass murderer in US history, was prescribed benzodiazepines in the form of fifty 10-milligram diazepam (Valium) tablets on June 21, according to records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). I have also received an unconfirmed report that he was prescribed antidepressants, which are commonly given […]

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