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Alert 192: On a Whirling World Tour of World Relations

On a Whirling World Tour of World Relations. Amazing Catherine Austin Fitts, brilliant analyst of human affairs, also an investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H. W. Bush, is a fascinating and enlightening thinker. She communicates new understandings of everything from how we are destroying our […]

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Alert 186: When Friends Disagree

Michael Fontaine, a professor of classics, and I prove that friends can have lively differences on the most fundamental principles of life and yet enjoy each other’s creativity and company. Michael believes that people are basically good and simply mistaken, for example, in the planning of COVID-19 policies. I believe […]

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Alert 185: Sign our Declaration!

Dear Friends: In our latest TV Interview we “Stand for Health Freedom.” I had a cherished personal wish and attorney Leah Wilson, the director of “Stand for Health Freedom,” explains how she is fulfilling it. Her organization has created a Declaration that those of us 50 years and older can […]

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