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Alert 156: CDC COVID-19 Surge Stats Exaggerated

Americans are being frightened by the media and experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci into believing that we are in a crisis of skyrocketing COVID-19 cases due to the reopenings of communities in the US. States that had survived the first explosive wave of COVID-19, such as Florida, Texas, and other Southern and Southwestern states, were literally beginning to save America as they stimulated their economies, providing a vital lift to our national economic, social and emotional well-being. When these states became more open the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 remained reassuringly low.

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Alert 155: The Best Dr. Breggin Hour Ever!

Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits makes the most interesting and informative show I can ever remember doing! Her knowledge about the coronavirus and origins of the pandemic are stunning. In this second hour with Judy, we delve deeply into where the virus got started in American laboratories, how Chinese scientists were involved way back in time, how it must have been fabricated, and the role that treacherous Anthony Fauci played in allowing if not making this happen. I have learned more from these two interviews with Dr. Mikovits than from any other interviews I can recall. For your sake, and the sake of humanity, see this interview with Judy Mikovits, and then watch the earlier one, too.

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Alert 153: Shared Values Transcend Diversity and Hold Us Together

In my personal and family life and as a psychiatrist, therapist, and reformer, I have met and worked with many individuals from diverse cultures. In my clinical practice, where I often get to know people more deeply than in ordinary life, I have related to African-Americans; Latinos; American and Middle-Eastern Moslems; Christians of varied beliefs; students and their families from China, Europe and elsewhere around the world; people of varied gender identifications; and many other cultures.

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Alert 152: Seniors to the government, “Please, we beg you, let our children and grandchildren go. Let our people go!”

Some things are more precious than life itself. The awkward hug from a grandson. Holding your baby granddaughter. Laughing with your own beloved adult child. Visiting with fellow church members after service. Going to the grave of your spouse of 60 years with your children. Sitting around the dining room table sharing stories of those camping adventures you had as a family when your kids were small. Knowing that in just 3 days you will be visited again by your daughter. Having coffee with your best friend.

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