Articles outlining Dr. Breggin’s empathy-based approach to psychiatry and other more general subject matter.

Spearheading a Transformation

An excerpt from Dr. Breggin’s book, Psychosocial Approaches to Deeply Disturbed Persons, outlining his philosophy that mental illnesses should be treated from a pyschological and social perspective rather than a biological one. spearheadingatransformation.pbreggin.1996.pdf

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Psychotherapy in Emotional Crises without Resort to Psychiatric Medications

“Psychotherapy in Emotional Crises without Resort to Psychiatric Medications,” The Humanistic Psychologist Vol 25 No 1 (1997). Mental health professionals are pressured to rely upon the medical model, but there are many reasons not to turn to psychiatric drugs in emotional crises, including their impact on the brain and mind, and their disempowering effect on […]

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