Since the early 1970s, Dr. Peter Breggin has been active as a medical expert in malpractice and product liability suits, as well as criminal cases in which psychiatric or psychoactive drugs have contributed to abnormal behavior. He has also testified in cases involving involuntary treatment, electroshock treatment, and psychosurgery. He has testified more than 70 times in court.

In the 1990s, Dr. Breggin was chosen to be the medical and scientific expert for nearly 200 combined Prozac product liability suits against Eli Lilly and Company. This resulted in his testifying in the infamous Wesbecker case in which the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, fixed the trial. Link. Later Dr. Breggin would become an expert in many other product liability suits involving antidepressants, stimulants, tranquilizers and antipsychotic drugs, nearly all of which were settled. As an expert in these product liability suits, the courts have empowered Dr. Breggin to examine secret company records concerning the development and marketing of their drugs. This unique experience of looking inside otherwise hidden drug company files has provided him a unique source of information and a special understanding of drug company activities that he has used in his legal work and documented in many publications, including Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry (2008) and Medication Madness (2008).

Among his proudest achievements, in the early 1970s Dr. Breggin was the medical expert in the famous Kaimowitz case that stopped lobotomy and psychosurgery in America’s state mental hospitals. LINK More recently he was the psychiatric expert in a psychosurgery case against the Cleveland Clinic that resulted in a huge verdict for the injured woman and caused the clinic to stop doing any further psychosurgery. LINK Dr. Breggin was also the medical expert in the only electroshock malpractice suit to be won by the plaintiffs. LINK.

Some of Dr. Breggin’s most successful legal work has involved testimony in tardive dyskinesia malpractice suits involving this usually irreversible abnormal movement disorder commonly caused by antipsychotic or neuroleptic drugs. In all but one of the many TD trials in which he has participated in the United States and Canada, the injured patient has won a favorable verdict. The one exception ended in a hung jury. He has also been involved in tardive dyskinesia cases with multi-million dollar settlements without going to trial in both the United States and Canada.

Dr. Breggin continues with both his clinical practice and his medical expert work.

Affidavit Mazella Retrial

Peter R. Breggin, M.D. 101 East State Street, No. 112 Ithaca, New York 14850 607-272 5328 May 3, 2017 I affirm under the penalty of perjury the following: (1) My name is Peter R. Breggin, MD and I am a physician licensed to practice medicine in New York State. (2) I am a psychiatrist and […]

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Mazella Retrial Settled by Defendants After Judge Approves Scientific Basis for Dr. Peter Breggin’s Opinions   (1) Story of the Frye Victory in the Mazella Retrial (2) Dr. Peter Breggin’s affidavit report for the Mazella Retrial Frye Hearing (3) Scientific Articles Submitted with Dr. Peter Breggin’s Affidavit for the Frye Hearing  

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Mazella Case Retrial Settled after Frye Victory 2017

In 2014, psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD was the medical expert in the case of Joseph Mazella vs. William Beals, MD, in Syracuse, New York. Mr. Mazella committed suicide by stabbing himself multiple times in an exceedingly violent death.  The jury awarded $1.4 million to the surviving family. Dr. Breggin testified that the negligent prescription […]

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Scientific Articles Submitted with Dr. Peter Breggin’s
Affidavit for the Frye Hearing in the Mazella Case

  Exhibits About Paxil Causing Suicidal Behavior (1) Stone & Jones 2006 FDA Adult Suicide Study (2) Paxil adult suicide letter FDA mandated (3) Aursnes 2005, Paxil adult suicide (4) Aursnes 2006, Paxil adult suicide (5) Breggin 2006a, Paxil GSK Special Report Suicide & Violence. Part-I (6) Breggin2006b, Paxil GSK Special Report Violence & Suicide, […]

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Jury Awards $11.9 Million in Paxil Suicide Case

Peter R. Breggin MD is the Psychiatric Expert In one of the largest awards of its kind in an antidepressant-related suicide case, on September 15, 2016, a jury awarded $11.9 million to the family of Mumun Barbaros who killed himself in jail after a psychiatrist restarted him on Paxil (paroxetine). The defendant was PrimeCare and […]

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$700,000 Tardive Dyskinesia Settlement

  Dr. Peter Breggin was the medical expert in a tardive dyskinesia (TD) case that settled out of court for $700,000 in May 2014. The identity of the doctor and the plaintiff cannot be released. Large medical malpractice settlements are extremely rare in the locality of the case. Dr. Breggin has been an expert in […]

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$1.5 Million Award in Child Tardive Dyskinesia Malpractice Dr. Peter Breggin Testified as the Psychiatric Expert

February 11, 2014   On February 11, 2014 a Chicago jury awarded $1.5 million to an autistic child who developed a severe case of tardive dyskinesia and tardive akathisia while being treated by psychiatrists with Risperdal and then Zyprexa between 2002 and 2007. The drug-induced disorder was diagnosed when he was fifteen years old and […]

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