The following articles provide more information on neuroleptic (antipsychotic) medications and their dangers.

TD case settled after Breggin testimony

Tardive Dyskinesia Legal Settlement A tardive dyskinesia malpractice case was settled in trial following testimony by psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, M.D. on behalf of the plaintiff in November 2001.  The settlement amount was not disclosed but was considered more than satisfactory by the plaintiff.  Dr. Breggin was the plaintiff’s only expert.  Dr. Breggin has a […]

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$2 million award in TD case

Jury Awards $1.3 Million in Tardive Dyskinesia Case — Appeals Court Raises Award to $2 Million Dr. Breggin Testified for the Plaintiff   A tardive dyskinesia malpractice case in Baton Rouge, Louisiana resulted in a jury award of more than $1.3 million dollars on March 14, 1997.  The case was appealed by the defendants but […]

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$6.7 million verdict in Risperdal TD case

$6.7 million awarded in Risperdal tardive dyskinesia case   On May 26, 2000, a jury in the circuit court of Philadelphia awarded $6.7 million to a patient afflicted with tardive dyskinesia caused by the neuroleptic ("antipsychotic") drug Risperdal (generic name, risperidone).  In Liss vs. Doeff, the jury found the psychiatrist negligent in his treatment of […]

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$1.6 million TD verdict

$1.6 Million Tardive Dyskinesia Malpractice Verdict in October 2005   On October 14, 2005 a Virginia jury delivered a $1.6 million verdict in a tardive dyskinesia (TD) malpractice suit brought by Sylvia Jones against her internist Jeffery Alan Margolis.  The amount was especially large considering the small town setting of Tappahannock in eastern Virginia. Also, the […]

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