Psychosurgery as brain-disabling therapy (1981)

Divergent Views in Psychiatry, M. Dongier and E. Wittkower, editors. Harper and Row, Hagerstown, MD, 302-326, 1981. Many psychiatric authorities have condoned pyschosurgery precisely because the very principles that find their most extreme expression in lobotomy also find more subtle expression in all the major somatic treatments in psychiatry. psychosurgeryas.pbreggin.1981.pdf

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Psychosurgery for the control of violence: a critical review (1975)

Breggin, PR. (1975). In W. Fields & W. Sweet (Eds.), Neural basis of violence and aggression (pp.350-391). St Louis: Warren H. Green. Lobotomy and psychosurgery being used as on patients with neither brain disease nor epilepsy. psychosurgeryfor.pbreggin.1975.pdf

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