Psychiatry, racism, coercion and social control

The War Against Children of Color by Peter and Ginger Breggin deals extensively with the larger subject of psychiatric oppression, including racism and the role of psychiatry in the holocaust. Their definitive work exposes how mental health agencies and the government use invalid science for social control rather than addressing the decline of families, schools and communities or the escalation of racism and poverty.
The page on Psychiatry and Racial Politics contains a detailed description of Dr. & Mrs. Breggin’s efforts to stop racist programs in psychiatry. Dr. Breggin has also written and lectured on the role of psychiatry in helping to bring about the holocaust in Nazi Germany.



Psychosurgery (1973)

Journal of the American Medical Association, 226(9) 1121. To the Editor. THE JOURNAL (225:916, 1973) described me as “Undoubtedly the one person most responsible for politicizing psychosurgery ….” In this and a succeeding article (225:1035, 1973), the writer defends lobotomists and psychosurgeons and promotes their work as pure science unhappily […]

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The second wave of psychosurgery (1973)

M/H (Mental Health) 57:10-13. LOBOTOMY and psychosurgery are upon us again! In Philadelphia a black man dies of an overdose of heroin, and a reporter notices peculiar scars on his head. A portion of his brain has been burned out in an experimental attempt to cure his addiction. The neurosurgeon […]

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