Therapy, counseling and life

Of all Dr. Breggin’s books, The Heart of Being Helpful most directly addresses his approach to therapy. Sample chapters are included in this section. The final chapter of Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry describes the principles of effective therapy or counseling and the final chapter of Medication Madness describes "Principles of Life" for effective living. Most of Dr. Breggin’s books have extensive discussions of non-drug approaches to children, adults and families. The articles here deal directly with therapy and life.



Empathic self-transformation in therapy (2002)

Breggin, PR (2002). From Dimensions of Empathic Therapy, Springer Publishing Company, pp. 177-89. Empathy lies at the heart of being helpful to other human beings. However, empathy does not necessarily spring forth spontaneously from us in all situations or toward all of our patients and clients. Many clients will challenge our ability to understand and […]

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Psychotherapy in the Shadow of the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex

Breggin, P.R. (1991). Psychotherapy in the Shadow of the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex. Voices: The art and science of psychotherapy, 27, 15-21.   Every psychotherapist in America lives and works in the shadow of the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex. It affects how we view ourselves and our clients, and how our clients view themselves and us. Even when we […]

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