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Human Freedom versus Psychiatric Coercion and Involuntary Treatment

In 2016, Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD wrote a marvelous blog “Abolishing Forced Treatment in Psychiatry is an Ethical Imperative” on Dr. Gøtzsche’s words inspired me to write a blog with my latest thoughts and observations on psychiatric coercion and to develop this page starting with my earliest publications all the way back to 1964 […]

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Dr. Breggin’s best overview Critique of psychiatric drugs

Breggin (2016). Rational Principles of Psychopharmacology for Therapists, Healthcare Providers and Clients. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy   The Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy invited me to do an overview article about my work in the field of psychopharmacology and psychiatric drugs, including my critique of adverse drug effects (side effects). My peer-reviewed report came out in […]

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2015 Empathic Therapy Conference

Peter R. Breggin MD & Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy, Education and Living in conjunction with Bertram P. Karon PhD and the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Present The 2015 Empathic Therapy Conference April 17-19, 2015 on the campus of Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan     Register Here to Attend!       […]

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M. N. G. (Graham) Dukes, MD Quote

“And then it is that many a conscientious attorney has succeeded in calling Peter Breggin to his aid. I do not know how many shadowy invitations Dr. Breggin has set aside, but I do know that he has accepted to assist only in those instances where he had good reason to believe that he could […]

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Antidepressant Trazodone In the Washington Naval Yard Gun Massacre

Peter R. Breggin, M.D. 101 East State Street, No. 112 Ithaca, New York 14850 Phone: 607-272-5328                  Fax: 607 272 5329 September 18, 2013 Violence and the Antidepressant Trazodone In the Washington Naval Yard Gun Massacre   by Peter R. Breggin, MD This brief analysis is offered in response to information that the […]

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Dr. Breggin’s Blog on

The Huffington Post   Dr. Breggin believes that psychiatric reform cuts across political divisions such as liberal and conservative. He expresses his views on psychiatry and psychotherapy in the media whether or not the specific outlet reflects his own political views. From Thom Hartmann, CNN and The Huffington Post on the left to Sean Hannity […]

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