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Freedom and Coercion

Freedom and Coercion

Even in college, when Dr. Breggin was director of the Harvard-Radcliffe Mental Hospital Volunteer Program, he opposed the coercive practices so rampant in psychiatry, which include misinformation, authoritarianism, and involuntary treatment. He began criticizing coercion and involuntary treatment in his earliest scientific publications (1964 and 1965). This collection of papers makes available his earliest papers on the subject. Following the initial scientific articles, additional ones were published in magazines and journals that are not scientific in orientation. He also writes about psychiatric coercion in his book Toxic Psychiatry and then more systematically when he describes the three dynamics of love, voluntary exchange, and coercion in his book Beyond Conflict. He suggests that the reader take a good look at his seminal paper on the role of psychiatry in the Holocaust (1993) published in the International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine, which concludes with a systematic look at the inherently oppressive principles of genetic and biological psychiatry. This paper was delivered in Germany at the first-ever conference on Medicine in the Third Reich.


Needed: Voluntarist Psychiatrist (1975)

Feb 12, 2020 |

Breggin, P.R. (1975). Needed: Voluntarist Psychiat...

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Judge Applies Nuremberg Code in Kaimowitz Psychosurgery Case

Dec 26, 2016 |

Judges' Opinion Applying Nuremberg Code in Kaimowi...

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Human Freedom versus Psychiatric Coercion and Involuntary Treatment

Jul 28, 2016 |

In 2016, Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD wrote a marvelous ...

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Psychiatry's Reliance on Coercion (1999)

Jan 28, 1999 |

Breggin, PR. (1999). Ethical Human Sciences and S...

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Fenfluramine damage to the brain and mind

Apr 21, 1998 |


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Electroshock: Scientific, Ethical, & Political Issues (1998)

Jan 01, 1998 |

Breggin, PR. (1998). International Journal of Ris...

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A biomedical programme for urban violence control in the US (1993)

Mar 01, 1993 |

Breggin, PR & Ginger Breggin. (1993). Changes,...

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Psychiatry's role in the holocaust (1993)

Jan 01, 1993 |

International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medici...

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Iatrogenic helplessness in authoritarian therapy (1983)

Feb 01, 1983 |

In Morgan RF (ed): The Iatrogenics Handbook. Toron...

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Coercion of voluntary patients in an open hospital (1982)

Jan 02, 1982 |

Breggin, PR. (1982). Archives of General Psychiatr...

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