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Psychiatry, racism, coercion and social control

Psychiatry, racism, coercion and social control

The War Against Children of Color by Peter and Ginger Breggin deals extensively with the larger subject of psychiatric oppression, including racism and the role of psychiatry in the holocaust. Their definitive work exposes how mental health agencies and the government use invalid science for social control rather than addressing the decline of families, schools and communities or the escalation of racism and poverty.

The page on Psychiatry and Racial Politics contains a detailed description of Dr. & Mrs. Breggin’s efforts to stop racist programs in psychiatry. Dr. Breggin has also written and lectured on the role of psychiatry in helping to bring about the holocaust in Nazi Germany.


Margaret Sanger’s Racist Eugenics. Confirmed.

Aug 22, 2018 |

Source: The Des Moines Register, Monday, Septemb...

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Human Freedom versus Psychiatric Coercion and Involuntary Treatment

Jul 28, 2016 |

In 2016, Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD wrote a marvelous ...

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BOOK REVIEW - The Imprinters: Surviving the Unlived Life of Our Parents, by Eileen Walkenstein

Dec 16, 2010 |

Breggin, P.R. BOOK REVIEW. Ethical Human Psycholog...

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Psychiatry's Reliance on Coercion (1999)

Jan 28, 1999 |

Breggin, PR. (1999). Ethical Human Sciences and S...

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Fenfluramine damage to the brain and mind

Apr 21, 1998 |


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Campaigns against racist federal programs by the ICSPP (1995/96)

Jan 01, 1995 |

"Campaigns against racist federal programs by the ...

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A biomedical programme for urban violence control in the US (1993)

Mar 01, 1993 |

Breggin, PR & Ginger Breggin. (1993). Changes,...

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The three dynamics of human progress (1988)

Jan 01, 1988 |

Breggin, PR. (1988-89). Review of Existential Psyc...

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Iatrogenic helplessness in authoritarian therapy (1983)

Feb 01, 1983 |

In Morgan RF (ed): The Iatrogenics Handbook. Toron...

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Psychosurgery for the control of violence: a critical review (1975)

Jan 28, 1975 |

Breggin, PR. (1975). In W. Fields & W. Sweet (Eds....

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