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Scientific Papers

Scientific Papers

Fluvoxamine as a cause of stimulation, mania and aggression with a critical analysis of the FDA-approved label (2001)

Jan 15, 2001 |

Breggin, PR. (2001) International Journal of Risk ...

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From Prozac to Ecstasy: implications of new evidence for drug-induced brain damage (2001)

Jan 01, 2001 |

"From Prozac to Ecstacy: The Implication of New E...

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What psychologists and psychiatrists need to know about ADHD and stimulants (2000)

May 01, 2000 |

"What Psychologists and Psychotherapists Need to K...

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The NIMH multimodal study of treatment for ADHD (2000)

Apr 01, 2000 |

"The NIMH Multimodal Study of Treatment for Attent...

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Confirming the hazards of stimulant drug treatment (2000)

Mar 01, 2000 |

Breggin, PR. (2000). The International Journal of ...

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The psychiatric drugging of toddlers (2000)

Feb 01, 2000 |

"The Psychiatric Drugging of Toddlers." Ethical Hu...

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The White House Conference on Mental Health (2000)

Jan 01, 2000 |

"The White House Conference on Mental Health." Eth...

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Psychostimulants in the treatment of children diagnosed with ADHD (1999)

Jun 01, 1999 |

"Psychostimulants in the Treatment of Children Dia...

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Empathic self-transformation and love in individual and family therapy (1999)

Apr 11, 1999 |

Breggin, PR (1999). Empathic Self-Transformation a...

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The need for ethical human sciences and services (1999)

Apr 01, 1999 |

Ethical Human Sciences and Services Vol 1 No 1 199...

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