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Scientific Papers

Scientific Papers

NIH consensus report highlights controversy surrounding ADHD diagnosis and stimulant treatment(1999)

Mar 01, 1999 |

Ethical Human Sciences and Services, 1:9-11, 1999....

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Psychiatry's Reliance on Coercion (1999)

Jan 28, 1999 |

Breggin, PR. (1999). Ethical Human Sciences and S...

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Risks and Mechanism of Action of Stimulants

Nov 16, 1998 |

Risks and Mechanism of Action of Stimulants. NIH C...

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Psychotherapy in emotional crises without resort to psychiatric medication (1998)

Mar 01, 1998 |

"Psychotherapy in Emotional Crises without Resort...

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Analysis of adverse behavioral effects of benzodiazepines (1998)

Feb 01, 1998 |

"Analysis of adverse behavioral effects of benzod...

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Electroshock: Scientific, Ethical, & Political Issues (1998)

Jan 01, 1998 |

Breggin, PR. (1998). International Journal of Ris...

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Selected chapters from The Heart of Being Helpful (1997)

Apr 11, 1997 |

Selected Chapters from The Heart of Being Helpful:...

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Spearheading a Transformation (1996)

Apr 11, 1996 |

Introduction to Psychosocial Approaches to Deeply ...

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Should the use of neuroleptics be severely limited? (1996)

Feb 01, 1996 |

In S.A Kirk and Susan D. Einbinder P (ed): Controv...

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Lethargic Encephalitis (1995)

Jul 01, 1995 |

Breggin, P. R. (1995). Encephalitis lethargica. Jo...

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