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Wences Casares

Wences Casares

Chief Executive Officer, Xapo Holdings Limited, USA

Wences Casares is a technology entrepreneur with global business experience specializing in technology and financial ventures. He is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lemon Wallet. Casares launched Argentina's first Internet service provider, Internet Argentina in 1994, a company he would go on to sell in order to found the Argentine online brokerage Patagon in 1997. With Casares serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Patagon established itself as Latin America's first comprehensive Internet financial services portal and expanded its online banking services to the US, Spain and Germany. Patagon was acquired by Spanish bank Banco Santander for US$ 750 million in 2000. Casares is also the founder of Wanako Games, a videogame developer that produced the award-winning game Assault Heroes, which was honoured as “Game of the Year” for Microsoft Xbox Live in 2006; the company was acquired by Activision. In 2002, he founded Banco Lemon, a retail bank for the underbanked in Brazil. Banco do Brasil, Brazil's largest bank, acquired Banco Lemon in June 2009.

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