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Julia Novy

Julia Novy

Professor of the Practice and Executive Director, Stanford University, USA

Julia Novy is Professor of the Practice and Executive Director of Stanford University's Change Leadership for Sustainability Program. With 25 years’ experience leading non-profit and philanthropic organizations, Julia is recognized for her innovative leadership in designing and scaling entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges that integrate economic, social and environmental objectives. She is Founder and CEO of Resilience in Action, dedicated to preparing leaders to radically accelerate the transition to a sustainable society through comprehensive strategy and resilience-building advisory services. Julia leads Resilience Journeys for global leaders to places like the Peruvian Amazon - combining immersion in highly resilient natural systems with training on resilience, leadership and sustainability. Julia served for 10 years as Executive Director of the Lemelson Foundation, where she was responsible for guiding over $100 million of investment in technology, inventors and social enterprises in the U.S and developing countries. As CEO of Washington STEM, she worked with leaders from Microsoft, Boeing, and the education community to bring business into the classroom and cultivate 21st century skills for underserved youth. As a Director at World Wildlife Fund, she helped develop and launch the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to transform fisheries supply chains into sources of sustainable seafood. In 2010, she served as Topic Leader for the Clinton Global Initiative on “Market-based solutions to environmental challenges.” A Fulbright and Marshall Scholar, Julia speaks French, Spanish and Kiswahili, and has lived and worked extensively in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Her short, self-paced “Strategies for Sustainability” online course, co-led with Professor Pamela Matson and industry leaders from Google and Method, has been taken by executives world-wide: https://online.stanford.edu/courses/xsfs110-essentials-business-put-theory-practice

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