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Hitesh Wadhwa

Hitesh Wadhwa

Vice-President, Sales and Strategic Initiatives, Tech Mahindra, USA

Hitesh Wadhwa is a Sales Leader & Technology Executive at Tech Mahindra, the IT arm of the Mahindra group. He runs various strategic accounts and initiatives in the Communications, Media & Entertainment (CME) vertical and has grown Tech Mahindra's revenues by $30Mn+ in the last 3 years. He is part of the company’s Global Leadership Cadre and Shadow Board program, and runs various impact programs panning across digital transformation, diversity, culture and sustainability. Hitesh believes Technology can solve world's biggest problems if used in the right way. Having worked with/for various Fortune 500 clients such Verizon, Oracle, UnitedHealth Group, AT&T, WarnerMedia, Rakuten and Facebook, he has helped companies achieve digital transformation, growth and agility by leveraging cutting edge technologies, such AI, RPA, IOT, AR/VR and Blockchain etc. Today, he is in a leadership position at Tech Mahindra’s CME vertical, a $2.5B+ business annually. He has been chosen for the company's "Shadow Board" (https://bit.ly/2WdSLrs) program twice, which is a highly selective and rigorous program (only 6 people out of 130K+ employees make it every year to shadow the board of directors). As part of that, Hitesh has been instrumental in a) defining company's vision for 2024; b) running initiatives to help TechM be an organization with purpose, and a company that practices inclusiveness in all aspects of diversity; c) building a strategic roadmap on how to strive during Covid-19; d) globally representing Mahindra as a brand for millennials; e) building an effective talent supply chain management and optimizing resource utilization.

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