Alert 23 : Finally, an uncensored uncompromising publishing site for courageous pioneers in our field!

Today we introduce our new Honored Guest Bloggers Award & Publishing Platform No one in the world has done more than Peter Gøtzsche MD to elevate professional ethics and scientific integrity in medicine and psychiatry. He co-founded the highly respected Cochrane Collaboration for scientific integrity. He is the first recipient of the Honored Guest Bloggers […]

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First Recipient of the Honored Guests Award in Ethical Human Sciences and Services

Peter C. Gøtzsche MD is an inspiration for and the first recipient of the Honored Guest Award in Ethical Human Sciences and Services. Dr. Gøtzsche is a specialist in internal medicine and a biologist. He cofounded the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993 and in the same year established the Nordic Cochran Centre at Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Denmark. He is professor in Clinical Research Design and Analysis at the University of Copenhagen and a world leader in the production, analysis and promotion of quality scientific research.

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Alert 19: Antidepressants Do Kill People

Two new 2017 research studies confirm that antidepressants shorten lives and make them worse.   Maslej et al. found that antidepressants “increased mortality risk by 33%” and increased cardiovascular events by 14%, in the general population.  Our findings provide corroborative evidence that cardiovascular status moderates the health risks associated with AD [antidepressant] use. In general populations, […]

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