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ScreenShot of thumbnail from article originally posted to America Out Loud

Mattias Desmet Diagnoses Researchers as Mentally Disturbed - Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

Jul 24, 2022 |

In these three interviews, Desmet does not use psychology to analyze and discredit people who write about conspiracies — that will come out in the book. That makes his book a bait and switch. The back cover of his book has endorsements from several heroes from the freedom...

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Screenshot of American Flag with Barb Wire from America Out Loud Article

Mattias Desmet Demoralizes the Freedom Movement - Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

Jul 23, 2022 |

The author of the idea calls it mass formation and mass hypnosis. Others have added mass psychosis. He began promoting the concept in Europe to many enthusiastic media, intellectuals, scientists, and physicians. Then it took off in America, where “mass hypnosis” has...

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Screen shot of Dutch Farmers blocking road from article in America Out Loud

Farmers Fight Back - Tractor Blockades, Burning Hay Bales & Animal Manure Showers

Jul 10, 2022 |

This week the photos and short videos of some 40,000 Dutch farmers and ranchers protesting are everywhere. Hundreds of tractors, trailers, and other farm equipment are lined up in blockade formation, bringing commerce to a standstill in the Netherlands. More than two...

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Picture of Dr. Zelenko

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD: The Most Courageous Man We’ve Ever Known

Jul 04, 2022 |

Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, M.D. passed away the evening of June 30, 2022, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Through that life and death battle, Zev found the spiritual strength and courage to become the greatest worldwide voice for the proper treatment of COVID...

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Screen Shot from Original article on America Out Loud of Ape and World

The Warning Signs Make Monkeypox the New SARS-CoV-2

Jun 27, 2022 |

My mom used to always say, “practice makes perfect.” Despite complaining, my siblings and I learned that doing something repeatedly develops judgment, skills, knowledge, good instincts, and a much better final product. Our products improved when we learned to evaluate our...

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