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Image of Paul Revere Statue screen shot from America Out Loud Article

Freedom Flyers - A Paul Revere Moment to Save the World

Oct 04, 2022 |

Citizens of the United States of America and other formerly free countries are at risk of forever losing their most precious freedoms, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and the founding documents of other nations as...

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Image of person in Suit with hands above and below the globe

A Much Better Explanation than “Mass Psychosis” — One That Encourages Freedom

Sep 10, 2022 |

Dear Healthcare Freedom Fighters and all who are defending freedom in America, we are addressing this to all of you. But we especially want to respond to those who feel that Mattias Desmet and Robert Malone have helped you by describing mass psychosis which seems...

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Image of monkey sculpture depicting see no evil hear no evil speak no evil

Psychotherapist Mattias Desmet Failed to Report His Own Mass Murderer Patient

Sep 05, 2022 |

Mattias Desmet, the psychotherapist, and professor of psychology whom we have criticized as a leading apologist for political mass murderers, actually knew that one of his own patients was an unrecognized mass murderer and then let him go without reporting him because he...

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Image depicting a king egg walking on top of his subject eggs

Mass Formation and Mass Psychosis: A False and Dangerous Concept that Threatens Our Freedom

Sep 03, 2022 |

The question is, “Who should we blame for the current degradation of constitutional democracies worldwide and the associated vast losses of freedom?” Mass formation or mass psychosis theory says we must blame the people themselves who allegedly yearn for totalitarianism...

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Image from America Out Loud post of sad girl on a bench

The Wave of Grief and Regret that is Coming

Aug 29, 2022 |

An Australian woman who has become a friend recently sent me a short video clip from the Dan Bongino Show. In it, Dan Bongino, a frequent commentator on FOX, said getting the vaccine was his life’s biggest mistake and greatest regret. His vulnerability in discussing why...

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