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Dr. Malone on Fauci's cognitive bias towards the vaccine industry

  • March 17, 2023
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Dr. Malone on Fauci's cognitive bias towards the vaccine industry

Dr. Malone on Fauci's cognitive bias towards the vaccine industry


Dr. Malone 00:01
We now have documentation from the TGA. For instance, in Australia, and many other sources, that the reason why there was suppression of these ideas and drugs like ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine is all based on the logic that the nation state should restrict the availability of these products to the general population, because to make them available would drive vaccine hesitancy, it was all predicated on the thesis that we would have a safe and effective vaccine. And they began field testing the propaganda strategies that they would deploy about protecting grandmother, etc. In a Yale University study, prospective, randomized clinical trial with 10 arms, designed to determine the best way to get people to accept these products into compel or entice others to accept them. And they did this before they ever had a product all the way through this is based on a bias, a cognitive bias on the part of Tony Fauci that vaccines are the only way to handle this type of infectious disease outbreak. And that has clearly been demonstrated to be false. What we've had is basically three years of suffering as unnecessary loss of life as a consequence of Tony Fauci his cognitive bias towards the vaccine industry and vaccines.

Steve Bannon 01:41
Before I go to the next thing, why does he have a cognitive bias of bias? Because, correct me if I'm wrong, the thing he's most known for his age, they've never come up with a vaccine for that isn't as the cocktail of drugs, still therapeutics? I mean, it's not the Eve in the biggest effort. Maybe I don't know the science well enough. It's not like Tony Fauci has been at the cutting edge of coming up with vaccines of soft blood things, right? Why would he have a cognitive, cognitive, Affiliation with the vaccines?

Dr. Malone 02:07
So you're asking, you're asking me to get inside his head. And I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, I will observe that he has repeatedly promised the American people in Congress and received billions of dollars in exchange to develop vaccines, none of which had been forthcoming. So it's not only the AIDS vaccine, that's been a failure. He's now at the end of his career. And there are virtually no successful vaccines that he's created, despite the promises, despite the billions of dollars, despite all of his spin and hype, and he has this Vaccine Research Institute. It has been at the forefront of his efforts since the early days in AIDS. And I suspect that there's another angle to this. I referred to this in my prior broadcast with Natalie. There is an ancient feud between Bob Gallo and Tony Fauci and Bob Gallo was the one that was driving the vaccine initiative. And Tony Fauci came in and scooped it up and kicked Bob out there this the, you know, you'll recall when heckler went on the tube and said we were going to have a vaccine in two years. Wasn't Tony Fauci standing beside her. It was it was Bob Gallo. Okay. Tony has made all kinds of promises about vaccines all through his career and has been a complete faceplant on that topic. He's complete failure. And this was his last chance to grab the brass ring. And he seemed to have just been obsessed with trying to get a Corona vaccine developed and licensed and pushed into the public based on this new technology that he basically had grabbed on to and thrown other prior technologies out the window. And the story goes, for instance, that the reason in part why Rick Wright was kicked out was because he unilaterally issued the contract for the adenovirus vaccine with J&J and he didn't get Tony's approval. Tony didn't want the adenovirus tech advanced he wanted the Maderna tech advanced. And as I sent to a clip over to Cameron earlier, we have from Tony's diary that he met with Bonsell from Madonna. I think it's January 27 of 2020. Tony was at and advancing the development of this vaccine before there was any official recognition that we even had an issue here.

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Dr. Malone on Fauci's cognitive bias towards the vaccine industry




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