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Excerpt - Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 135 - March 9 2023

  • March 20, 2023
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Thumbnail from the video Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P episode 135

Excerpt - Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 135 - March 9 2023

Excerpt Transcript:

Dr. Larry Palevsky 00:01

So speaking of distraction Do you want to comment about what's going on with Dr. Robert Malone? And Dr. Peter Breggin? Sure. Dr. Merrill Nass?

Dr. Lee Merritt 00:19

Well, I don't know. I don't know much about Merrill Nass. No, I've met her. I mean, I've talked to her. And she's, like, we talked about because we're both involved in the medical board struggle. But I do know a lot about Dr. Malone. And I can't say I'm 100% Perfect. So if I make a mistake, you know, don't sue me Dr. Malone. But here's the thing. When, when I was first in this, Sherry Tenpenny was with me, so she can Dr. Tenpenny can back me up on this. My really, I didn't know much about him until he popped on the scene kind of behind the scenes. And I was on a podcast with him in June, or no, it was April of 21. So this is when we had not gotten a lot of vaccines to Americans speaking out, then could have really made a difference. Here's a guy that claims to be the the inventor of mRNA, if he had stood up, when we asked him to back in April, it might have made a better difference. Okay, coming out now coming out when he came out. That's, that's not very helpful, because most people had already either taken the vaccine, or they've made the decision to take the vaccine, it would have helped in April of 21. But beyond that, I quoted two papers about you know, the stuff collecting in the ovary and self disseminating vaccines, I was going through those papers on this podcast. And all the while I was doing that, and maybe I said this on the program here, but he was just being really distracting. Just wait, you know, wiggling his body like this back and forth. So it was even hard for me to concentrate, and I was the one speaking. And then at the end, I when I shut up, he just jumps in. He says Dr. Merritt doesn't understand the literature. Right? Okay. But he is now talking about those very same papers. Now you see, this is I'm sorry, I'm just gonna say this is classic counter intelligence. Okay. So there's several levels at which people spread. Ironically, we're the ones that are being accused of disinformation that, but we're not doing that what's really happening is, there is when you're when you're in a war, and you have a military program going on, and you're afraid that the plan for that is coming out to your enemy is starting to understand what you're doing, you send out your counter Intel. Now, these are not people that are just dupes, that don't know better. These are paid people who have a very, very technically, you know, they're their technicians. They're taught how to do this. And they go out there, and they start speaking in such a way that they slowly they say, the first job is to slow down the release of information. Okay. In this case, they wanted to slow down the understanding of these vaccines being damaged in any way. So the first thing they did was trying to try and just deny, deny, deny, you know, put their thumb on the various numbers, do all that stuff. And then when that becomes impossible, the next step is to distract. And they distract you with wars with you know, whatever it is, that isn't the problem. And then the and they'll and part of that distraction is to is to tell you things that are partially true, but lead you down the wrong holes, wrong rabbit holes. Okay. So while I personally think that's still going on, while we're worried about, as you and I have talked about, we're worried about viruses and genetic manipulation, it's really something very different. Okay. And that's, and that's so along that route, you can pick up a lot of people that are now not paid to do this. They're just innocent dupes, in a way, I mean, they're just, they're just suckers. They're the, the, like, the, like the college students ranting about the, you know, the Green New Deal. They don't know anything about the science of, you know, the solar flares or anything else. But they get caught up in the emotion and all this stuff going on. So there are a bunch of people that are not paid. But Dr. Malone is not one of those. He's a long term DARPA guy. He had $8 billion across his desk that he did research on, if you look at his curriculum vitae, he has studied every every organism that's associated with bio weapons research. He knows the bio weapon years. So he's not who he says he is. And honestly, if you look at how he claims to be the mRNA inventor, it turns out he was like I looked at his timeline is timelines are interesting, because they can't always know ahead of time what the how people are supposed to play in the chess game. And so sometimes the timelines get screwed up. So he was supposedly doing doing some kind of lab research. He's a college student, a post grad, in I think it was Irvine or someplace in Southern California. And this company had been working on this technology for doing this mRNA and a cup and he was like 1987. I think that it came out in the new that they had actually done this and published them republishing this paper, but it was two years later, like 89 When the LA Times had this big Big spiel about the whole thing. Oh, look, we got this new technology in here, and how it labeled the people involved that would said, you know, Doctor, you know, so and so and so. So PhD, and whatever the name of the company was, you know, it wasn't Qualcomm, but you know, something, something calm. And then so and so and so so PhD, Something Something company, they had this whole list of all these doctors, all this stuff, and at the very end, like attack on on this article, and Robert Malone. He wasn't even a physician. And interestingly, two years after that he's credited with getting an MD at the I think it's the Feinberg School of Medicine or something in northwestern So so how did he get his doctor, you know, medical school in those days, you you had to go to class, you couldn't do it by remote. So how did he do it there while he was supposed to be working in this lab, I have some problems with this whole story. Because there are a lot of these people that were groomed to do a job and they're doing it now. And I don't know. So he's suing the Breggins, I think, just to shut them up because they were on to this. Well, and they were also on to the WHO thing.

Dr. Larry Palevsky 06:03

Well, the thing is that is that Paul Alexander put out a recent substack. And for those of you who are interested, Dr. T, interviewed Paul Alexander, and on this issue, so stay tuned on Monday, March 13, because Dr. T will be airing the interview that she did with Paul Alexander on this subject. But one of the things that he wrote in his substack was the following

Dr. Lee Merritt 06:38

is Paul Alexander not Molo, Alexander. Yeah. Okay.

Dr. Larry Palevsky 06:41

In January 2020. Malone published on ResearchGate, and elaborate scientific paper with MIT researcher, Darrell O. Ricke, as the first author, in which the to concluded that all COVID 19 vaccines, including mRNA, were too deadly to be given, even experimentally to humans. The duo of Ricke and Malone followed this up by submitting the paper to Lancet. And the journal put the article up on its pre publication platform in March 2020. The article is still in place today online, and as never, to our knowledge been published in a fully peer reviewed format. Lee. is that possible?

Dr. Larry Palevsky 07:37

March, January and March 2020? Yeah, if that's true. Then Malone knew about COVID-19 vaccines before SARS-CoV-2, which we both know doesn't exist, but for the public that believes it does, before SARS-CoV-2 was identified in February of 2020.

Dr. Lee Merritt 08:03

Well, but it no it was, I mean, they had they had it in 2019, because that's when they were debating the name. That's why they called it COVID-19. It was started because the first case in the end of December,

Dr. Larry Palevsky 08:14

China did not identify it until February 2020. But even if December 9,

Dr. Lee Merritt 08:21

they didn't get the genome. They didn't get the genome, right. But even if they identified it in

Dr. Larry Palevsky 08:25

December of 2019, if you publish this in January 2020. How, how much before that, would you have needed to know to manufacture a COVID 19 vaccine or COVID-19 mRNA vaccines? Well,

Dr. Lee Merritt 08:49

yeah, I get that, you know, I have to say no, now I can remember myself. I was at they were already talking about a vaccine for this in January and February. They didn't call it maybe COVID-19 vaccine, but they were talking about somebody was talking about a vaccine, because I remember myself starting to spend time, and maybe it was March but I'm pretty sure it was February because February is when when Prashant prod Han else looked at all the genomic sequences and that was the fourth of February, when they push the first of the February when they put out their paper and was retracted. They had they were forced to retract it on the second of February. And that was when they had the genome. A lot of genomes had been put up by the second of February. So I do think we had a genome My understanding is it was the first week in January when the when the when the I've got the paper here somewhere didn't get published to literary. Lee he's still wrong. He's wrong. Yeah, it's still wrong. I mean, it makes me wonder and I don't remember quite frankly, I was scanning. I was scanning literature at that point for Coronavirus vaccine. See what at that point the only thing I was able to find was the research on cats the research on ferrets the research on on on other things I'm looking because cats are a big thing for Coronavirus. And they were talking about that vaccine for a long time check. So I was I was going back and looking at that, and none of it was working out well. And I also went around somewhere around that time I was looking at the Nova Vax site, and they were the ones making this lipid nanoparticle coating. They weren't making an entire vaccine at that point. They're just making the coding. And if you read the basic science on that, going back to 2018, it was talking about the dangers of that so I can get that. But to say it with the name is pretty suggestive that there's a publishing there.

Dr. Larry Palevsky 10:34

January of 2020. With name COVID 19. Vaccine, or COVID-19, mRNA. vaccines. Yeah. But if this is true, if he said this in a paper that was printed in January 2020, which means he was doing the research long before December of 2019. Why did it take till July of 2021? For him to speak out? No. That's when he spoke out.

Dr. Lee Merritt 11:10

That's my point. 

Dr. Larry Palevsky 11:13

If you read Meryl Nass response to because Breggin went after him as well. Meryl glosses over the discrepancy of the dates. Well, that's interesting. She doesn't even challenge the dates, because she's so interested in supporting Malone everywhere. And that Breggin and Alexander went after him.

Dr. Lee Merritt 11:38

Yeah, I know it. And this is a deep dark hole. I gotta say, because Malone is also the executive. He was the medical, he's the medical director of Unity project. And there are other people in the Unity project such as Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, I mean, Unity project to me stinks. If you look at the thing, and I said that to call. I don't know what to call it personally. But I do know, I mean, I kind of do it indirectly, but I haven't really spoken to him one on one. But Cole, I have a lot. And I told him I said, you know, I'd be really careful of that. But the point is that there's organizations popping up all over and they're not there. People get some people just get trapped in them. Some people get bought out, they get, they get, you know, for whatever reason they get part of it. I can't speak to Merrill Nass, but in it, this is a smaller the my guess my point here is, this is a small look just kind of a window into this whole bio weapons community problem. Where you get even, you know, guys like, representative is it? Jordan? Jim Jordan is doing all the stuff with with the military? No, who is it? Johnson? Senator. He's a Senator Johnson. Yeah. Ron Johnson, okay. But all these people are having, you know, these, he's having all these things. And looks like he's got all this going on. And he's gotten Malone and Ryan Cole and Makalah. Together, and, and also know who's the other one? Well, there's four of them. They're all kind of going together on this thing. They're all members of Unity project. Now, in point of fact, since 1991, our Congress has been funding bio weaponeer from the United States to go over and work these, these bio weapons labs all over the world, not just in the Ukraine, but it started in 1991, with the Nunn Lugar act, and everybody bought into this, we had $400,000 for four years. He sent people over. I mean, again, if we're going to it's not just Robert Malone and Robert Kadlec. In veterinary stuff and Michael Callahan are the big three I always think about but there are a lot more. I mean, John L Beck, Ken Alabeck [sic] we've got we got people that have been funded for decades. And I'm just wondering why nobody ever interviews in the Congress any bio weapon air All right, if this if they really cared,

Dr. Larry Palevsky 14:07

I'm gonna I'm gonna pose as a questionnaire I'm gonna lead you down to answer something who funded the North during the United States Civil War

Dr. Lee Merritt 14:27

Well, it's I mean, I think there were multiple funders but you're gonna tell me it's the that's probably the the Khazarian and banks have some heart. It's the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and warbirds and shifts.

Dr. Larry Palevsky 14:41

Okay. Who funded the South?

Dr. Lee Merritt 14:45

Same group? Thank you. So, same two groups that funded the World War Two also, that's where I was going,

Dr. Larry Palevsky 14:52

who funded World War One who funded World War Two. So what you You're speaking to without saying the exact words, which I'm going to say. This is a war. Yeah. Therefore, those who are funding the war are funding both sides. Yeah, it is a pattern that they it's the same playbook. They have not changed their playbook once. They are funding both sides. So when you realize history continues to repeat itself, and that those who are pulling the strings, who are playing a game of battleship, which I've like always liken this to battleship where these guys are just having fun pulling the marionette strings, just watching this side and this side, funding this side a little more funding this side a little more. So those people who are in the limelight, because remember, how many times have you and I said how is it that people who say the very things we say, get into the limelight. And those of us who've been doing it for so long or know the information in and out are censored.

Dr. Lee Merritt 16:21

Because we were saying it early enough, it made a difference. Now the disinfo people can come on and they can look like stars and maybe save their own next. And it's not, it doesn't hurt anything. So it just it diffuses the problem. That's, you know, my but we can't be bought. Right? Right. That's that's the difference. That's my point. It's the difference.

Dr. Larry Palevsky 16:43

The reason we're not up there is because those who can be paid as I don't want to use the word controlled opposition because I don't like it. But those who can be paid to to be on one side and then the other side will continue the fighting while they're doing whatever they're doing behind the scenes.

Dr. Lee Merritt 17:09

Right and that's that's the difference between you know, just the the controlled opposition might be just being blackmailed. But the counter Intel are professional disinformation, people that are bought to slow the release to do I mean, there, this is really a professional move, warfighting move essentially, same thing. I mean, and you didn't really even go back as far as you could have. Because even before the Civil War, look, look at are we even in our Revolutionary War? Who did we take loans from? Basically the, the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire funded by King George who was funded by the the the British banks, the European bankers, that were the Khazarian families that we're talking about right now. So even getting killed? Yeah, yeah. My favorite. My favorite story. And all this, though, is the fact that Andrew Jackson, you know, that Trump had Andrew Jackson's picture in the White House, that's the person he had on his wall in the White House a portrait because Andrew Jackson was the first guy who shut down the Federal Reserve Bank, which is how they, they create so much chaos in the world of centralized banking. And so that he had shut that down and trumpet now who does who does Putin have? on his wall? He has a picture of prints throughout his slob. And throughout the slob was the prince of Kiev in 1105 or 1150 that drove the Khazarians out of Ukraine the last time and we're now we're fighting the same war. Only maybe we're going to finish it this time, we'll say Right.

Dr. Larry Palevsky 18:40

All I'm trying to say is that for those who watch the both sides go at it. My suspicion because history repeats itself. And the playbook never changed is they're both receiving funds from the same place. And so, you know.

Dr. Lee Merritt 19:04

And by the way, slavery, the same issue, the very people that were the majority slaveholders when when slavery was abolished, got involved in the fight between the black community, the white community, they were they were working out their differences. And in fact, the the head of the black freed slaves who was a Jamaican I can't think of his name. And the head of the KKK got together and they realized they wanted the same things. They wanted good things for their own people. And they weren't trying to hurt each other. They were just trying to work and be profitable and grow their communities. But that wouldn't work. So they saw the same people set up the AFL, which became the AFL CIO and their first edict was to make it illegal to hire black labor, skilled labor, which created the big fight and then they then they became the lawyers on both sides. It really is that ugly, I mean, unfortunately, we don't go down those for roles

Dr. Larry Palevsky 20:01

we know that that war only happens when the bank say so

Dr. Lee Merritt 20:05


Full length Episode: Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 135 - March 9 2023




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