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The Global Predators want us to BEG for the Global Reset

  • May 1, 2022
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
  • /   Globalism
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The Global Predators want us to BEG for the Global Reset
by Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
Originally posted on America Out Loud Apr 2, 2022 | Politics, World

The good news first. The global predators have not won. They are in a pitched battle for our very identities, our souls, and our lives. But they have not won. If they had won, we would already be completely discouraged, enslaved, and isolated. The fact that you are reading this, that you are seeking information about how to protect yourself and uplift yourself and your family and your friends, shows they have not won.

In any war, it is vital to understand the enemy’s tactics in order to counter them.

The global predators — that elite cabal that wants to run the world and every one of us — are in an unrestricted war to get us to bend to their will.1,2,3 Propaganda, manipulation, and confusion are weapons they use against us — to break our will.4 They want to create apathy so that we will submit to anything they ask. They want to create humiliation. They want us to beg to be rescued from the chaos they are sowing in our lives, our cultures, and in our civilization. The globalists want our society so collapsed and degraded that we willingly submit to the overlords of the New World Order, now openly promised by President Joe Biden.5

We must recognize and fight the effects of this propaganda upon ourselves, our neighbors and friends, and upon our children.6

Steel yourself against hopelessness. This is a battle for our lives and our souls. For humankind.

To begin, expect to be lied to. The BIG lie at the beginning of COVID was how many tens of millions would die from the pandemic.7 This was never retracted. It hung over all our heads like the sword of Damocles, imbuing us all with a sense of continuing doom and catastrophe.

A significant aspect of the propaganda and pressure being placed upon citizens of the world by the global predators is humiliation.  

So how are we humiliated? Let’s look at the ways.  

COVID requirements were the first humiliations for many of us. Masking (and not masking, and then masking some more) was an early indicator. Used in many slave societies, masks isolate people and strip persons of their individuality and their sense of self.8

We were labeled “nonessential,” told to stay locked in our homes, denied nature’s healing presence, told not to shake hands or hug or stand close or congregate as though we were lepers from a Biblical time. We are assigned ID numbers and cards and are being told to expect biometrics that will be implanted into our bodies, stealing our personal biological data.9,10 We have been ordered to subject ourselves to experimental, unproven injections of substances, causing grave illness and death for too many people.11 Many who refuse the injections on religious or other grounds have been fired from their careers.

Physicians bound by the Hippocratic Oath have been repeatedly told to ignore and violate their oath, putting bureaucratic orders ahead of their patient’s well-being and health, leading to deeply compromised morale, ethics, and it could be argued, laws of the state and nation. 

Most horribly, we have been forced to sacrifice our children, making them take useless, deadly vaccines to satisfy their greed and lust for power. And we have been denied access to our loved ones, our elderly parents, and other family and friends who are sick and hospitalized. We were unable to attend them at their deathbeds, say our last goodbyes, gather family and friends to grieve together, be present at their burials and mourn their loss while celebrating life after they are gone. 

We were denied access to our families outside our immediate household and denied attendance at births, birthdays, anniversaries, and religious holidays. Denied cultural celebrations — in America, no Fourth of July, no Labor Day or Memorial Day, no Thanksgiving, no parades for great and small holidays and traditions.

We were subjected to a severe toilet paper shortage. How in the world did that come about? Was it a deliberate humiliation? I don’t know about you, but personal biological functions are a sensitive subject for many people, and we are taught to be clean from infancy. How odd that one of the most basic personal cleanliness tools, toilet paper, ran out within days, it seemed, from the beginning of the lockdown.

So what does the future hold? We don’t need to guess to have a good idea — if the global predators have their way. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a central gathering organization and policymaker for the global predators. WEF predicts several things for us. 
We are told that there will be food shortages and that we will need to learn to eat bugs, worms, and weeds.12

We are told COVID will continue to come back and that we will need to revisit all of the [worthless] “preventive measures” we have been subjected to for the last two years.

We can expect more humiliating swabbing. Reports from China are that anal swabbing for COVID was being done in some instances.13 This may be expanded. Monitoring of sewage from communities, neighborhoods, and theoretically even homes is being considered, and programs to do this have been implemented. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has had a National Wastewater Surveillance System in place since September of 2020.14

We are told we will own nothing. Stripping individuals of personal possessions is another way to strip them of any identity. Consider what happens to inmates everywhere, in prisons and other large institutions.

We can expect our pets to be at grave risk. One city in China has ordered the killing of all indoor pets in the homes of persons testing positive for COVID.15 At the beginning of the Global Lockdown, animal shelters were emptied of their dogs and cats as human beings living alone sought companion animals to accompany them through isolation. For many, they are attached to their “fur babies” emotionally more than to any human. Killing companion animals is cruel to the animals and deeply cruel to their humans.

We can be sure we will see an increasing loss of respect for life, individuality, and humankind. The embrace-death cult, disrupting our life-affirming traditions and laws16 for many years, is growing bolder. The World Health Organization has already issued new guidelines to end all time limits restricting abortions.17 Abortion is one of the primary sacraments of the hate-humans gang, along with pedophilia.18 The drive for the need to depopulate Earth in order to “save the planet” is at the core of the globalist agenda.19

The COVID blame game increases fear, pits us against each other, forces vaccines, increases isolation, demolishes empathy, and kills the spirit. It’s a win-win all around for global predators. Their goal is to make life so completely untenable that we all BEG to be rescued by the Globalists.

The disruption of society we see all around us is driven by the global predators and their plans to humiliate, subjugate and enslave citizens everywhere and take over all nations in the name of globalism and the Great Reset. They want us confused, muzzled, disheartened, distressed, and apathetic. To take over free men and women everywhere, these Global Predators must tear apart our social fabric ⏤ the very families we have created for millennia, and all the social mores and other threads that are woven together that make a strong civilization and citizenry.

I refuse to comply.

Primary Author: Ginger Ross Breggin


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