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Widespread Damage to Brain and Heart - STOP mRNA

  • October 18, 2022
  • /   Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin
  • /   COVID-19,Peter_Breggin,Ginger_Breggin,Globalism,America-Out-Loud
Screen Shot from Original article of blood cells in vein

Widespread Damage to Brain and Heart – STOP mRNA “Vaccines” and Platforms

by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin
Originally posted to America Out Loud Oct 17, 2022 | Global, Health, Politics

One of the most esteemed physicians in the health freedom movement is now calling for the complete ban of the mRNA platform for vaccines and treatments based on the damaging effects of the vaccines that are killing patients around the world.1

For the first time in medicine, pathologists are discovering simultaneous conditions of widespread brain damage and heart damage from capillary thrombosis (clotting) and micro vessel vasculitis (inflammation). 

A recent speech in Greece by physician Sucharit Bhakdi revealed that “pathologists have now found that in the brain of deceased people after vaccination, for the first time, there are capillary thrombosis and micro vessel ” vasculitis occurring in many, many parts of the brain. It’s the same patient. This has never been described in textbooks. This is pathognomonic for vaccination, and lo and behold, while they found those lesions, they found the spike protein of this damn virus…. around these vessels, they found … brain cells, dying brain cells. That’s number one. They are dying. Imagine that your brain cells in different parts of the brain are dying. You are losing something forever, something that was given to you and that can never be returned to you.” 

Dr. Bhakdi further revealed that the same patients who had this multifocal encephalitis also had myocarditis and stated, “this does not exist in the medical literature. You never have multifocal encephalitis and myocarditis. Only after vaccination…” He went on to reveal the smallest blood vessels in the heart tissue of the patient were “spiked”– damaged from the vaccines.

Pathologists have now looked at more than 50 autopsies of vaccinated patients and have found “alterations in the brain and heart together in more than 70 percent of the dead, and this is something so horrifying,” said Dr. Bhakdi. 

mRNA Vaccines Must be Stopped

“Every mRNA vaccine is, in fact, a danger and must be stopped, and this is the message that we want to leave here in Athens with you to spread…” said Dr. Bhakdi.2</div>

The gravity of his message cannot be overemphasized.

One portion of Dr. Bhakdi’s message was that the behaviors and personality of persons could begin to change as their brains are damaged by the micro clotting and inflammation in the brain capillaries. Other observers are noticing personality changes in family members, coworkers, friends, and community members. 

Personality Changes?

Comments are swirling around the internet and in conversations about whether family and friends they love have been emotionally changed by their COVID vaccines. People say, in some cases, that loved ones have become distant, less connected with life, withdrawn, and flattened in response. Dr. Naomi Wolf, one of the most eloquent and astute cultural observers, has written:  

“Crowds themselves were altered. Young adults were limping…. Men and women in their forties and fifties looked as if they had been recently healthy and were now moving like eighty-year-olds. People of vast numbers of all ages walked as if it was hurting them to move. Even teenagers and older children moved like zombies or robots — drifting with seemingly no energy to spare. Smaller children did not squirm or race around. They sat vacantly on park benches or in restaurants. Or they drifted like little wraiths beside their parents, focused on nothing. What happened? What happened to humanity?3

Dr. Naomi Wolf reminds us of the information so far accumulated about the material that carries the specific mRNA vaccine into the body. The mRNA platform is like an envelope into which different treatment substances can be inserted. The mRNA must be enveloped in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). in order to protect it and enable it to pierce protective barriers in the body to deliver its payload. The lipid nanoparticles enable any encased substance to slip by the body’s natural defenses into normally protected spaces such as a growing fetus, the human brain, and other vulnerable body regions. Documentation is being accumulated of the damage being caused by the lipid nanoparticles in bypassing protective systems.4,5,6,7

Physical Brain Damage can Cause Profound Behavioral Changes

The kind of almost numbed or stunned behavior described by Dr. Wolf, coupled with apathy or a kind of aura of exhaustion, can be caused by physical trauma to the brain, like traumatic brain injury, electroshock treatment (ECT), or a toxic substance. Surgical damage from psychosurgery, so-called lobotomy, where previously healthy brain tissue is damaged by cutting or cauterization, can have the same effect. If the patient was labeled behaviorally disruptive, the flat affect or emotional apathy is often labeled as “improvement” by his or her doctors. 

Dr. Breggin described this effect further in a medical book and a letter to the Editor published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, in August 1983.8,9 He describes this same kind of “flattening, emotionally stunted” effect of psychosurgery and lobotomy.10 The pro-lobotomy physician P. Tow reported, “although post lobotomy [sic] patients may perform well on standard, structured tests, they fail miserably on tests requiring the display of initiative, autonomy, flexibility, or independent judgment and planning. They also lose their emotional sensitivity, capacity to empathize, and sense of self….” Dr. Tow referred to these patients as “more simple.”11

In the 1970s, Dr. Breggin singlehandedly took on the practitioners of psychosurgery and, after several years of a very public campaign to educate the public and officials, was able to stop almost all the practice.12 One of the most pivotal moments occurred when Dr. Breggin was called to testify as an expert witness in the psychosurgery legal case of Kaimowitz v. Department of Mental health for the State of Michigan.

Dr. Breggin reports on his website the events of the case:


In 1972 the State of Michigan and the Lafayette Clinic of Wayne State University began planning an experimental psychosurgery program for the control of violence, using “voluntary” inmates of the state hospital system. Gabe Kaimowitz, at the time a Michigan Legal Services lawyer, heard about the upcoming medical event, and intervened in the court on behalf of “John Doe” and two-dozen other state psychiatric inmates scheduled for eventual enrollment in the experimental program.

Comparing Blacks to Bulls

Ernst Rodin was the chief neurologist and the moving force behind the Lafayette Clinic’s psychosurgery project. In 1972, Rodin wrote a lengthy speech describing psychosurgery and castration as appropriate treatment for some of the violent behavior displayed in the riots that had raged in his city of Detroit. Rodin voiced doubts about doing psychosurgery without sterilization because with psychosurgery alone, “the now hopefully more placid dullard can inseminate other equally dull young females to produce further dull and aggressive offspring.”

Rodin argued that children of limited intelligence tend to become violent when they are treated as equals. He wanted them brought up in an “authoritarian lifestyle” and declared that many of them, like aggressive bulls, should be turned into docile oxen by means of castration. In the neurologist’s own words, it was time to “get down to cold-blooded medical research dealing with individuals rather than masses.”

The Verdict

Kaimowitz invited me to testify as his medical expert, and during two days on the stand, I gave a history of state mental hospitals and psychosurgery. I wanted the three judges to understand that state mental hospitals are similar to Nazi concentration camps in how they suppress and humiliate their involuntary inmates, and I wanted to suggest the applicability of the Nuremberg Code.

The Nuremberg Code was initially written into the judges’ final opinion at the first War Crimes Tribunals in postwar Germany. It consists of ten principles for “permissible medical experiments.” The first principle states in part that the human subject “should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion” (Trials of War Criminals, 1946-1949, pp. 181-182).

The Nuremberg Code meant that inmates of concentration camps were not actually volunteers when they seemingly agreed to participate in medical experiments, such as being frozen in ice water. If they did acquiesce to these experiments, their consent was coerced by fear of other worse alternatives, such as torture or death in the gas chambers.

After hearing a spectrum of witnesses, the three judges agreed with the substance of my testimony, including the devastating effects of the most modern psychosurgery. Their official opinion cited the Nuremberg Code and used it as one reason for prohibiting consent to psychosurgery in the state mental hospitals of Michigan. The judges found that “involuntarily confined patients cannot reason as equals with doctors and administrators over whether they should undergo psychosurgery.” They declared that under First Amendment freedoms, the “government has no power or right to control men’s minds, thoughts, and expressions. If the First Amendment protects the freedom to express ideas, it necessarily follows that it must protect the freedom to generate ideas.” The judges followed my testimony closely in describing how psychosurgery impairs mental and emotional functioning.13

The Opinion Stands to this Day

The opinion was never appealed and stands to this day. It continues to inhibit the performance of psychosurgery throughout the country, especially in state mental hospitals, the VA, and prisons. Some psychosurgery continues in medical centers such as Harvard and Brown.14

END of quote

The First Transhumanists

Because of the efforts of one physician to ignite and lead a backlash against psychosurgery in the 1970s, psychosurgery has languished for 50 years. Peter Breggin stopped that first public foray into transhumanism — the technological and scientific manipulation of the essence of human beings. For this accomplishment, as well as his many others since he is called “The Conscience of Psychiatry.”15

In 1992 a promotional book was written attempting to encourage another resurgence of psychosurgery: Psychosurgery: Damaging the Brain to Save the Mind.16 The book failed to revive this barbaric practice. What keeps advocates of psychosurgery from proceeding ahead full throttle? Is it their own scientific caution or ethical concerns? In Psychosurgery (1992), the author quotes Donlin Long, the Johns Hopkins director of neurosurgery: 

“You’d also need an institutional commitment to absolutely pristine science and the guts to tell the Peter Breggin’s of the world to stuff it,” he [Long] added, referring to psychiatrist Peter Breggin’s lifelong battle to ban psychiatric surgery. 

Psychiatrist Melvin Sabshin, the American Psychiatric Association medical director from 1974 to 1997, commented further on reviving psychosurgery. “From a political standpoint, it’s true that if you stick your head up out of the trench, you may get shot down. But anyone familiar with trench warfare knows you can use mirrors to see out of the trench, defend yourself, and take proper aim at a target. It will take some courage, but some safeguards can work without inflicting deadly prohibitions.17

The Oppressors Are Afraid of US

In retrospect, it seems surprising that two men wielding so much power in medicine and psychiatry should have been so afraid of one lone reformer without vast resources. But it’s an excellent lesson for those of us who feel there is no way that we can, as individuals working with other people, make any difference.

The citizens of the whole earth are now witness to the “institutionalization and overuse” of a wholly compromised and untested package of technologies (from the mRNA vaccine to the components of it, including the lipid nanoparticles that enable mRNA technology to breach a body’s defenses).

Many billions of human beings on Earth have now been exposed to the toxic effects of these untested components with devastating results.

Stopping Crimes Against Humanity

What are we facing? 

  • Documented damage to the brain and heart simultaneously from capillary thrombosis (clotting) and micro vessel vasculitis (inflammation).
  • Personality changes in many people that may have been caused or contributed to by mRNA vaccine-induced damage and, in some cases, damage from exposure to the initial spikes produced by the SARS-CoV-2 virus or perhaps the lipid nanoparticles themselves.
  • The possibility of brain damage from the mRNA platform itself.
  • The fact that neither the mRNA platform, the lipid nanoparticles, nor the contents of the vaccine carried into the patient’s body by the mRNA platform have been tested and proven to be safe.  
  • A complete lack of anything approaching science in the massive rush to inoculate all of humanity with toxic, untested, dangerous substances. There is sufficient evidence to protect people from the risks of SARS-CoV-2.
  • And behind it all, a global cabal that has for decades planned and has now executed the oppressive and totalitarian actions that have stolen freedom, shredded genuine science, and driven Western Civilization and culture to the brink of extinction.18
Any vaccine in the past would have already been withdrawn after the first 50 deaths, as well as after many other adverse effects that have been reported thus far. The new discoveries about simultaneous brain and heart damage from the mRNA vaccine add to the urgency of stopping them now.

The argument against COVID “vaccine” critics for two years has been that we need scientific proof that these vaccines should not be administered. We are told we cannot criticize them because of the COVID emergency. We are told to shut up, because you haven’t got the scientific evidence documenting the dangers of these mRNA injections. This is the practice of science turned on its head.

The world has been bamboozled into allowing several billion human beings to submit to these toxic mRNA vaccines. What caused this? Not science. The massive global fear and oppression campaigns softened up citizen populations and made us frightened and meek. Illegal, inhumane, and unconstitutional alterations to federal law allowed vaccines to be used without the required testing and the multi-year approval process. The incredibly demoralizing and terrorizing lockdowns preceded the implementation of the Warp Speed vaccine program, with isolation tactics and mandates that frightened so many for over two years that our strength and our convictions were battered and stolen. Without these oppressive, inhumane, and unconstitutional government actions, delivering these toxic mRNA vaccines to billions could never have been accomplished.

What Do We Do Now?

In the 1970s, one brave doctor called for abolishing psychosurgery because the procedure caused devastating damage, violated the Nuremberg Code, and was contrary to all decent Western traditions, including the Hippocratic Oath. He was threatened professionally and personally many times. He lost professional opportunities, his ability to practice medicine was (unsuccessfully) attacked, his life was threatened, and he was insulted and ridiculed by others in his profession.  

Despite all this, he maintained his determination and forged ahead. He didn’t complain. He faced genuine evil in the attempts to fundamentally control human beings through permanent damage to the seat of their souls—their brains. He forged ahead, seeking others, including a few brave Congressmen and Senators, along with the occasional brave journalists and attorneys. They understood the threat of psychosurgery to the essence of every human being. 

Permission to Say NO

Now we are faced with the latest new transhumanist assault. We have all been bamboozled to greater or lesser extents by the unrelenting silence campaigns and pressure from colleagues, the medical, and pharmaceutical industries, and the globalists behind them who want to take control of our world, every country, and every single human being on the planet. 

We must shake ourselves off, take a deep breath, and start plainly and clearly saying NO. 

NO more COVID vaccines.

NO more mRNA platforms at all. 

NO more violating constitutional and other basic protections to individual freedoms.

NO more bullying citizens, doctors, and nurses who are trying to protect human lives.

NO more pussyfooting around. Tell the truth bluntly. The vaccines are deadly. Humans are dying. The mRNA platform is unauthorized, untested, and deeply flawed. Stop now.

Yes, collect all the evidence you can as physicians and scientists. Tell the world through every venue you have available to you. Keep treating us all when we contract COVID and when we discover that we have suffered injuries from the vaccines.

But most important now — Be blunt. Be brave. Be the doctors and scientists you know you are. And God bless you all.

It is your time to save humanity. 

(see Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Athens speech and transcript here. Breggin.com | Sucharit Bhakdi in Athens September 24, 2022)

They were authored by Ginger R. Breggin. The Breggin’s new best-selling book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey is available at www.WeAreThePrey.com.


2 We thank Dr. Reiner Fuellmich for providing the original copy which we have edited for clarity and transcribed. The presentation can be viewed here: Breggin.com | Sucharit Bhakdi in Athens September 24 2022
8 Breggin, P.: Electroshock: Its Brain-disabling Effects. New York, Springer Publishing, 1983.
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17 Rodgers, J: Psychosurgery: Damaging the Brain to Save the Mind. New York, HarperCollins Publishers, 1992
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