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“Operation Homebound” is actually Operation Horror

  • April 13, 2021
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The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has implemented “Operation Homebound” [Operation Homebound | Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (lasd.org)] which has been organized to “vaccinate the most underrepresented, homebound, and underserved disabled residents in our communities, including those experiencing homelessness.” According to the Sheriff’s website.

A video of Operation Homebound [ Operation Homebound - YouTube ] in action has been released on YouTube. We have also posted it here on Brighteon in the event that YouTube censors it.  In the video physically overwhelmed people are struggling and screaming in protest at being restrained and jabbed. The vaccine crew, meanwhile, grin and give a thumbs up. These scenes are brutal and horrifying, reminding Dr. Breggin of his early experiences in the 1950’s as a volunteer in a state mental hospital. 

All the COVID-19 vaccines are totally experimental. None have been through the standard FDA approval process. Instead they have been approved on an emergency basis for use.  

The Nuremberg Code was established after WWII to codify scientific standards relating to human experimentation.  Our recent blog, “Nuremberg Code Against Nazi Experiments Should Stop Further COVID-19 Vaccinations” [Nuremberg Code Against Nazi Experiments Should Stop Further COVID-19 Vaccinations | Psychiatric Drug Facts (breggin.com)] examines in detail how the Code should be applied to the COVID-19 emergency. 

No one who is identified as “seriously mentally ill” or otherwise cognitively compromised is able to give voluntary consent to a dangerous experimental procedure like these “innovative vaccines.” Indeed none of them should be forced to take experimental drugs or vaccines. Experimenting on helpless or impaired people is no longer considered ethical except in the new world order unfolding in America.

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