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The Weekly Dr. Peter Breggin Hour


The Weekly “Dr. Peter Breggin Hour” Radio 

Now Appears as Both a Radio Show and a TV show


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Dr. Breggin's Weekly Television Show

Dr. Breggin's Weekly Radio Show


Dr. Breggin’s weekly radio show now also appears as a television show on Dr. Breggin’s Brighteon Channel. Thousands of weekly listeners and viewers hear or watch fascinating guests from around the world on diverse subjects. Guest subjects include:

  • new innovative approaches to mental health
  • the latest technological menaces to our brains and minds
  • critiques of biological psychiatry, including drugs and ECT
  • new ways of helping children, veterans and other groups

In addition, Dr. Breggin gives inspiring individual presentations on many subjects including:


Enjoy great guests and conversation to inspire your life!

Archives of the Dr. Breggin Radio/TV Hour

Listen live to Dr. Breggin every Wednesday 4-5 pm (East Coast or New York time) on PRN.FM.


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